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Knox Trying To Force Opportunity

Roy Williams' placement on the depth chart ahead of Johnny Knox made quite a bit of hubbub - it's not often that the team leader in yardage is replaced out of the starting lineup. But I like the attitude Knox is taking towards trying to win his old spot back.

"I've been in this situation before," Knox told the Sun-Times last week. "But I've been turning doubters into believers my whole life."

"So it's just time to make people believe."

Since I'm having trouble recalling a time when Knox was trumped on an NFL depth chart by a free agent acquisition prior to this (and yes, I know what he meant...), let's instead focus on what he's done and said since his demotion - a seventy-yard kickoff return, a couple good punt returns, and an eleven-yard catch against Buffalo, plus making numerous good catches in practice with the second-string offense.

"It makes me feel good," coach Lovie Smith said of Knox's attitude. "If you're a competitor, and you say you're better than someone else, eventually if you are, it's going to come out.

"As coaches, we're going on production and whether a guy has mentals and when he has an opportunity, he performs."

What do you guys think - Will Knox eventually grab back his starter spot from Roy Williams this year?