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The O-Line Will Be Better On Monday Night

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For obvious reasons, the offensive line will be the most scrutinized unit tomorrow night. It's only the offensive line that surrendered the most sacks last season going up against a team that stuck ten sacks on the Bears last season in this exact same stadium, a week after surrendering nine sacks to the Buffalo Bills. I wasn't aware if you knew that or anything. I was considering posting the video of the Giants game, but if I did, I'm pretty sure I'd've been driven out of here with pitchforks and torches. So I won't.

But I can tell you why the line this week will not be as bad as it was, for a few reasons...

The most obvious reason is the two main sack artists on the Giants, Justin Tuck and Osi Umenyiora, will both be sitting this one out. Each of them put up three sacks; that's six of the ten. The Giants still have some good D-line depth, but not to the tune of those two.

Even discounting the loss of those two players, the Bears still have a couple other things to point to as far as improved line play. Frank Omiyale has essentially been replaced on the line by Gabe Carimi, who played very solidly at RT last week. Webb clearly needs to improve, but as long as the Bears and Mike Tice continue to be high on him, he'll have every chance to succeed.

The same goes for Lance Louis - clearly needs to get better, but will have every chance to. Louis will have a little extra to prove this week too - this was the game last season where he left with a bruised knee and was chained to the bench the rest of the season.

Let's not forget the line as a whole has only had a couple weeks together after lots of unwanted time off. I hope we can say lots of that rust was knocked off against Buffalo.