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Take A Deep Breath: Giants Defeat Bears 41-13

The key number to take away from the Bears 41-13 loss to the Giants is one. That's one sack the Bears allowed in the first half with the starting offensive line. If only we could say everything else with the Bears was as rosy. If there was ever a "team loss," this was it - pass protection and Jay Cutler's play were probably the only high points of the night.

Spencer Lanning had a punt blocked and returned to the five yard line. Roy Williams dropped a first down catch and left the game without catching any of the three balls thrown at him. Even kick coverage was lax tonight as Devin Thomas reeled off a pair of long ones. Quick numbers after the jump.

Jay Cutler: 12/21 - 171 yards
Marion Barber: 13 carries - 49 yards
Kahlil Bell: 4 carries - 10 yards, TD
Devin Hester: 3 receptions - 46 yards
Earl Bennett: 3 receptions - 58 yards
Dane Sanzenbacher: 4 receptions - 34 yards

David Carr: 9/11 - 84 yards, 2 TD, 138.1 Passer Rating. (That. Just. Happened.)
Brandon Jacobs, Da'Rel Scott, Danny Ware: 13 carries, 168 yards, 3 TD
Jonathan Goff: 1 Sack

Take a deep breath. It's only preseason. And we had no additional injuries. Talk about it.