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Fantasy Football Updates


We are all pushing through multitudes of drafts, trying not to fall in love with, or out of love with, players based on pre-season football action, and we are all primed and ready for the regular season to start....But because draft season is still in full swing for fantasy, I figured we could start throwing together updates. Feel free to chime in with injury news, depth chart changes, and anything else that might have a major impact on draft boards.


RB Ryan Williams, ARI: The Cardinals confirmed Williams ruptured the patella tendon against the Packers, so he is out for the season. Williams was a talented RB behind an injury prone and disappointing Beanie Wells, so this is a sad loss of a nice later round RB with big upside. I strongly believe LaRod Stephens-Howling will never be an NFL back of quality, meaning 2nd year player Alfonso Smith is worth knowing the name of (but not drafting). The second Wells gets hurt or struggles badly, a trade, or Smith, could be in the works.

TE Zach Miller, SEA: I for one am still kind of high on Zach Miller. He will miss all of pre-season with a right knee injury, but I fully expect the SEA passing game to suffer and the TE to benefit...and Miller has been a top 10 Fantasy Tight End with Oakland QBs for years. This is a real value pick, I have seen Miller last as long as the 10th-12th round in 12 team excuse for that, he is a stud.

WR Michael Crabtree, SF: Crabtree still isn't running, let alone back up to football speed. I don't know if we will ever see more than an 800 yard season out of Crabtree to be honest. I am thinking maybe 2012, but not this year, not with this QB situation, and not with this injury. I wouldn't draft him, but this will continue to bolster WR Braylon Edwards value. He may have had some bad career drops, but he got 900 yards from Sanchez, so he can get it from anyone.

TE Chris Cooley, WAS: He got hurt but it looks like he is a near sure thing for week 1 (good thing, he is on my Writer's League team). The bottom line is Cooley is a HIGHLY under-appreciated TE as it is, and if you can get him in the 8th-9th round, you are getting a top 10 starter late in the draft. Keep your eyes on TE Fred Davis if Cooley hits a set back though, he was great with Cooley's missed time over the last couple of years.

RB Mikel LeShoure, DET: LeShoure is done for the season. This doesn't make me a bigger fan of Best yet, who is a good receiver but just keeps getting hurt (out with a Concussion as I write this). I think a late round flier on Jerome Harrison could well be in order with this pair ahead of them. I don't care what the depth chart says, he is easily the 3rd, if not 2nd (or 1st) best RB on this team.

WR Kenny Britt, TEN: He isn't hurt, but he is facing a suspension, so watch this close. Hasselbeck isn't a bad QB, so its a shame Britt may be on the suspension list, this could have finally been his chance to step up after years of bad QB play...If only he could stay out of jail.

***IDP*** CB Terrell Thomas, NYG: This was a big disappointment, Thomas was a top 5 corner and would likely have been in 2011 as well, but in the game last night against the Bears he tore his ACL and is out for the season.


Whatcha Got? Please follow up with additional injury, suspension, or depth chart big changes (likely to start happening as we look forward to week 3 of pre-season). If it impacts Fantasy draft lists, the people (WCG readers) deserve to know!