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Well, Your Chicago Bears Played in an Exhibition Game and...

This is Jay Cutler.  Is he.... A) Getting ready to advise Hanie     B)  Listening to his Ipod     C)  Contemplating the meaning of life        D)  Waiting for a bird to land on it and build a nest        Only the MSM know for sure
This is Jay Cutler. Is he.... A) Getting ready to advise Hanie B) Listening to his Ipod C) Contemplating the meaning of life D) Waiting for a bird to land on it and build a nest Only the MSM know for sure

So.  We came, we saw, and we flew home to Chicago.  All three aspects of the game played questionably.  I loved Iwuh.  Jennings looked great and crappy.  Roy Williams has proven absolutely nothing to me.  Jay Cutler looked average playing behind an offensive line that may have pulled its play up to "slightly below" average.  But it certainly was a fun game to follow.  And what was even more fun was your in game comments. Here's some history for youse guys... Last season the preseason in game threads drew around a thousand posts a game.  Last week was well more than that and this week drew easily more than 1,500 posts.  We're growing WCG!  Let's keep it up.  

At the end of the threads this week I asked you all if you'd have anything to add to my opening. Here's what I got...

it ain't huntin season yet  -BOBdaBEAR


97 yard TD run gotta love it.  -Ed_brown

Join me after the jump for the best of the in game comments....

We'll begin with...

ESPN.  It’s porn for everything New York and north.  -SJS_illini


...and Brett Favre  -Johnathan Thompson

An astute observation that stands alone...


This comment  It sense makes not.  -Kev H

Can we Trade RW for someone with Hands?  -Chiguy8506


I too would trade Roy Williams for Kev H.  At the least there would be entertainment. -SJS_illini


This joke only works If everyone knows my last name is Hand. Oh, wait, Poop (edit) -Kevin Hand

Best response to the question "Can we score?"


A bottle of Asti Martin and Don Juan Dimarco Works like a boss!  -Smudgers




Praising Cutler's mechanics....What’s these guys do with the ESPN Crew? -David in Maine


Either lots of drugs or we'll find three strange men locked in a closet somewhere. -SJS_illini

After the sack....

This is what happens when we start to praise the Bears O-line!!!!!!!!! -PSDB


Thats it!!! Sausage has spoken  -ManG


and it is written - chiguy8506

For one of the finest mispoken statements ever...

Who writes this feces (edit)?  the commentary, i mean -Juperee


its one person...who is extremely bored at home who is also forever alone. He pretends to be different person each time he post under a new name… -Man G


You're new to WCG, are you?  SJS_illini


No, been here a while I was referring to the "sweet valley high" quality bestest buddies commentary coming out of the mouths of the ESPN ninnies. It’s FOOTBALL, for the love of pete.  -Juperee

Ahhh the "wild cat".  Someone clarify something for me.  Why do we even leave Cutty in?


Cutler tried to block someone. It was cute.  -Kev H


Must edit carefully here and great screen name...


Earl the Pearl saying "KISS (edit) OFF" To whoever tried tackling him  -Johnathan Thompson


And not a single kiss (edit) was given that day.  -WellonDowd


And the peasants rejoiced.  -SJS_illini

Exactly as posted.  Word for word.

Wow. That's... Um... Fornication.  -SJS_illini

Continuing on while still enjoying the screen name...

And a plethora of kisses (edit) were given that day...  -WellonDowd

For sheer awesomeness and best out of context...

You like the word puke.Either you’re a Japanese fetish porn enthusiast, or sergeant slaughter  -gafferland


Yeah; anyway, it counts as soft porn for the Japanese. Their fetish porn involves tentacles. Tentacles  -Spongie

For honesty and truth, justice and the American way...

You know, players aren't so different from us. They want to get paid, and they don’t want to work.  -SJS_illini

After a slight ((ok fairly large error on the main page (we were apparently still playing the Bills) repeated 3 times)) we get this exchange...




Hah! You caught him! -Juperee


Yes. after three of them -Kev H


Kev H is who we THOUGHT he was and we let him off the hook.  -Juperee

And then Kev H proceeded to save some kittens from a fire while single handedly balancing the budget for the entire United States of America.  He was later awarded a congressional medal.  Future Senator Hand will be available for a Q&A session later in the week.  


Because we all wondered it...


What's up with Toub this game?  -Doshi


He’s here to chew some bubblegum and kick some arses… and he’s all out of bubblegum.  -Spongie


And arses. He has nothing to do. -Senator Kevin Hand


Toub has sadface :-(  -Spongie

Now for something completely different....


Barber looks so much better than Taylor!  -ChiTownSupremes


Bell looks better than Taylor so does my little sister  -RexysMidnightRider


And she looks gooooooooooooood  -Johnathan Thompson


Well played sir (I’m still bound by brother law to stab you whilst you sleep)  -RexysMidnightRider


What's her 40 time? Can she block?  -David in Maine


Wanda? -Doshi


depends on her inflation pressure  -Maelvampyre

The wisdom of WCG...

Stupidity is not a crime...  -SJS_illini


it should be  -chiguy8506

Another fine example of why we should all follow the game threads... Pithy comebacks. Oh, and both should be fined for capitalizing  "every" unnecessarily....

You should be fined Every time you screw up "your" and "you’re" -Kev H


You should be fined Every time you don’t end your sentence with a "." .  -SMD

For truthieness....


You know the game you're watching is exciting when...They’re talking to Terrelle Pryor on the phone instead of calling the game.  -SJS_illini


"The Raiders were one of the teams I wanted to play for."  That should be a wrong answer on the wonderlic test.  -RexysMidnightRider

I never put my quotes in here but you need it for context....


Holy POOP (edit)!  Cutler has a GIANT schnozz! Maybe it’s the lighting?  -Me


Its the smile you arent used too  -Bears-Cubs Bulls


It's for finding open receivers and truffles.  -Juperee


That's them for this week folks.  The winners were... the NYG's.  Booo!  But thanks for tuning in.  Come back next game and be sure to post cause you could just end up here with all of us laughing about how funny you really are.  Cause, you are funny right?  You are! Yes, you are!  Now go get em!