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Bears @ Titans - 1st Half Open Thread

There will be around 30 players suit up tonight for the game versus the Titans that won't be on the final roster.  Which 30 remains unknown.  But you can bet Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith will be taking plenty of notes, as they will need to improve the product on the field in 2011 if they intend on taking that next step towards the Super Bowl.

Both teams tonight will play the majority of their starters well into the second half, increasing the amount of reps for the key players, and decreasing the opportunities for those who are on the bubble.

Not playing tonight for the Bears: Kellen Davis, Lance Briggs, Sam Hurd, Harvey Unga, Corey Wootton, and Anthony Adams.

Editor's note: Due to technical difficulties, we will only have two Open Threads tonight, one for each half.  The 2nd Half thread will post at 8:15pm ET, so please be patient if the timing is off from the actual game.  Also, please do not post any links to illegal game streams.  Thanks.