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Chicago Bears 2011 Position Battles: The Specialists

This will be a quickie Position Battles post, as there isn't much of a battle taking place at either of the three positions in question.  Kicker Robbie Gould is money.  New punter Adam Podlesh has the big (big for a punter) money deal.  And Patrick Mannelly looks to be rocking a goatee this year, and appears to be auditioning for a back up QB role.  Solid idea.

The Mannelly to Podlesh with the hold, and the Gould kick is the only story this preseason.  After having Brad Maynard hold for PAT's and FG's the last few years, the Bears are breaking in a new holder.  He'll only get better with practice.  Yes, I'm talking 'bout practice.

I'm sure the connection is close to flawless from a mechanical standpoint, but some mental issues could creep in.  I can guarantee, that if Gould misses a field goal the chatter will be all about the new holder.  Every question by the beat reporters will be in that vein.  As long as this trio is mentally strong I foresee no problems in this aspect of the special teams.

In case you missed any in this series so far, allow me to catch you up;

Wide Receivers
Offensive Line
Running back

I'll get started on the defensive side of the ball tomorrow.