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What Has You Worried, Bears Fans?

As the preseason flies by, it seems like things change by the hour. Free agent signings, trades, and players being released. In short, football's back and life's good again. But with the good comes some bad and as always around WCG there are topics up for debate. What's caught your attention? What moves did we make that have you raising an eyebrow? Are there move we should have made that we didn't? I have a few concerns, but one that gets me in particular. My thoughts on that after the jump.

I know many see Olin Kreutz as simply one more athlete who felt he was entitled to more even though his play had depreciated. You might be correct. From a simple, this was the best decision for this team this year, you might be correct. But I see this situation as, what price can you place on leadership? I know this team will move on without Olin but he was widely respected by his teammates and was viewed as a leader by players on offense and defense. Now his teammates simply know he's gone and many of them could be wondering if management should have done more.

Granted, they are all professionals and understand that this is a business but some have to be doubting the commitment by management to their team leader. Take into account that this is a veteran heavy team and I think many must be wondering how much value does their leadership mean to this team. I'm not talking Doomsday here. I don't think this rips this team apart and voids all chances for the season but I think it does plant seeds of doubt in the players. I think it gets the players questioning the loyalty of the management (particularly among the veterans) and that can't sit well long term.

Bottom line is if we win, all questions are gone and this is long forgotten. But if we struggle? Particularly on the offensive line (anyone feeling really confident about THAT not happening) and suddenly the players on this team are wondering if the management made a HUGE mistake letting Olin go. Now, all the veterans could be wondering how they'll be treated moving forward. Leading into camp, you've reinforced the "Us vs Them" mentality coming off of a lockout shortened preseason. That possibility concerns me greatly, because that could have long term ramifications for this team. I sure hope I'm wrong. How about you guys? What has you worried, Bears fans?