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WCG Film Tourney (3)Friday Night Lights vs. (6)Invincible

Billy Bob. Marky Mark. High School vs. The Pros. South vs. The North. Young vs. Old.

(3)Friday Night Lights vs. (6)Invincible

Descriptions after the jump.

Friday Night Lights (2004) - People in Texas are crazy into high school football, and this fictionalized account follows the Permian Panthers run to the championship in 1988. Headlined by Billy Bob Thornton, this young group learns the powers of love, life, and becoming men, set against the backdrop of one truly thrilling season.

Invincible (2006) - Based on the true story of Vince Papale, a Philadelphia bartender who made the Eagles roster following an open tryout. Mark Wahlberg stars as Papale, in the kind of working class role that Wahlberg was tailor made for. Starring the dashing Elizabeth Banks, and a turn by Greg Kinnear as Dick Vermeil, this is a great story of an underdog who blows the expectations out of the water.