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WCG Film Tourney: (3)Brian's Song vs. (6)Jim Thorpe All-American

Sayers and Piccolo. Jim Thorpe. Bears.

(3)Brian's Song vs. (6)Jim Thorpe, All American

Descriptions below the fold.

Brian's Song (1971) - If you haven't seen Brian's Song, you should probably get around to that, before everyone at WCG finds out and banishes you to Detroit. Chicago Bears FB Brian Piccolo was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and this film follows his friendship with Gayle Sayers. Start with the Bears connection, and stay for the heartbreaking story. There won't be onions cut--it's ok to cry at this one.

Jim Thorpe All-American (1951) - Based on the real-life story of Native American Jim Thorpe. Thorpe went from reservation, to collegiate, to Olympic, then Pro Star. A technicality takes away his medals, and his coaching dreams are ripped away,his life begins to unravel. The only one still watching, his coach at Carlisle, Pop Warner.