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The Bears Played The Titans (kinda) And You Were There...

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Hi. I'm Jay Cutler with no expression what so ever.  This is how we don't pout.
Hi. I'm Jay Cutler with no expression what so ever. This is how we don't pout.

Well.  The Bears indeed played the Titans.  All I can really take from this is that Jay Cutler better stay healthy.  That, and that when I posted this I may not have been as far off the mark as many had me.  We played well.  We struggled.  He had highlights and we have question marks.  In short, we are the Chicago Bears.  That remains a constant at least.  But there was a game, there were comments, and several were funny.  Also, many provided lessons in grammar, proper phrasing of sentences, and general weirdness.  So join me after the jump for the best of the in-game thread.


I really like the lead in on this first comment without any point of reference other than a future historical one....


If I could send you some naked women...I would gladly oblige. However, my thanks will do! Sucks hind end (edit) living in CT; all I get is Pats and Giants and Jets, oh my! Oh yeah and the impending apocalypse of THE HURRICANE!!!!!!!!!!!! Woooooooo…  -LostinSTL


For those who know those who know, this will make perfect sense....


Cutler INT -DaHamsta


I haven't seen Garrett Wolfe all preseason??  -Tfrabotta


he's not a bear  Perhaps you should find a good bears site to catch up on news  -Lester


He is, however, always in our hearts...… whether we want him there or not.  -Dr Handsome


that's cause he's  small enough to fit in there…. -David in Maine

For a really astute observation that many have thought, yet only one posted...

He should just give the red flag to Dave Toub or something  -Chitownproduct

At first I thought he was speaking in code.  After I gave it some thought I decided it was really funny...


HA! Fornicate (edit) you Titan's Racoon!  -T.Moore

Then we begin the evening of innuendo and mispaken thoughts with....


Flagging(edit) Chris Williams with the Pancake!! -tfrabotta


I know it’s an open thread, but are you sure you want to share your fantasies? o_O -Spongie

More awkwardness with no editing required....


OMG Jay Cutler's play is slightly arousing right now.  -CurtisEnisFan

Just to prove that we at WCG appreciate fine use of the English language and because he "called his own shot"...


Hasselback  on the denouement of his career. 4 and out, babies (edit)!  -iowaBear


denouement  As a English Major I approve the use of this word!  -Chitownproduct


and i follow it with a "a" right before a word that starts with a vowel...  -Chitownproduct


its ok "Best of Game Thread" material -BOBdaBear

More awkwardness due to some "miss phrasing?"


I'd like to run a little play action boot with a backside post. First play we get the ball back. To Devin Hester. For 6.  -CurtisEnisFan


That sounds dirty.Play action and booty on the backside. All I can get out of this post is that you have a "thing" for Hester.  -NormalFan

Connotation vs. denotation.....


FOX has hot weather women!  -tfrabotta


so...they hire someone else for winter? -BOBdaBear

This was, to me simply brilliant, exactly as posted....


not f***ing them?  -pastor2b


This is an open thread, so salty language is permitted – nay, encouraged! -Spongie


i'm aware of that, but check my name, lol  -pastor2b


Random.  Completely random...


Crunchy taco  -Jonathan Thompson

For those "in the know" this was rather pithy....


throws a flaming squirrel at Jonathan  -David in Maine

Well stated....


Omiyale is great at helping up his running backs after missing blocks..Best in the NFL.  -tfrabotta

Great comedic timing....


Not big into blondes But that being said I have a thing for Japanese women.  -Chitownproduct


A penis?  -Spongie



Why isn't Roy in with the 2nd team?  Dude needs the work.  -PolishSausage.Ditka.Bears.

If you're married, you understand....


Heh Wife gets on me cause I have conversations with myself sometimes and she thinks I am talking to her…. -CloudyFuture


I hate that almost as bad as when you keep your mouth shut and she reads your mind!  -Ed_Brown


That's them for this week.  Hat's off to tfrabotta for being the most taken out of context poster this week!!  Other winners include Spongie, PSDB for the only engreenation, CurtisEnisFan for awkwardness, Roy Williams for controversy, and the Tennessee Titans (GAG!!).  We got one on Thursday and then we gone!  Hope to see you there!