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Sign-Trade-Release: Chicago Bears' Defensive Ends


The object of this game is simple. I'll provide you with a mixture of three past or present Chicago Bears. You'll decide which one of these players (in their prime) you would sign, which one you would trade, and which one you would release.*

Jump with me to see a few of each candidate's credentials.

Doug Atkins (#81) Richard Dent (#95) Julius Peppers (#90)
NFL: 1953-1969 NFL: 1983-1997 NFL: 2002-Present
Chicago: 1955-1966 Chicago: 1983-1993 Chicago: 2010-Present
8x Pro Bowl 4x Pro Bowl 6x Pro Bowl
10x All Pro 5x All Pro 5x All Pro
HOF (1982) HOF (2011) HOF (tbd)
Pro Bowl MVP (1958) Super Bowl XX MVP AP Defensive ROY (2002)

*You must sign one, trade one and release one.

Use the comments section to tells us your selections, and the reasonings behind them.