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WCG Film Tourney: (3)All The Right Moves vs (6)The Junction Boys

A young kid fighting against his coach. A coach brutalizing his players to see who was the toughest.

(3)All The Right Moves vs (6)The Junction Boyz

Bear Bryant was a jerk. Young Tom Cruise is cruisey.

Summaries after the imaginary fold.

All The Right Moves (1983) - Tom Cruises stars as a high school defensive back with nothing but upside, and we watch as he excels and clashes with his head coach. As the coach takes out his issues on the team, Stefan steps up and they work through their differences. Also, check out a young Lea Thompson, a few short years before she became Mrs. George McFly.

The Junction Boys (2002) - Bear Bryant had a legendary training camp in the middle of the desert, and didn't allow water breaks, or any general rest of any kind. This is the story of the guys who were able to survive that brutal encounter.