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Fantasy Football: Wide Receivers

Since we closed out my Running Back list on Tuesday, I figured we might as well keep the ball rolling and knock down the last run of Wide Receiver evaluations before the season starts.

Just like with RBs, you can look here to see where I used to stand. Some movement has moved some guys around on my board, so "bear" with me once again.

Just like last time, only without the typo, guys I like MORE in PPR leagues get an asterisk (*) after their name. Some receivers live off of big plays and yards per catch, some do the dirt work and put up silly catch numbers, and its important to know which is which. Remember, we are assuming a 12 team league here.

1st Round WRs: Roddy White*, Andre Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald*

2nd Round WRs: Calvin Johnson, Greg Jennings, Reggie Wayne*, Miles Austin, Vincent Jackson

3rd Round WRs: Hakeem Nicks, Dwayne Bowe, Jeremy Maclin, Mike Wallace

4th Round WRs: DeSean Jackson, Brandon Lloyd, Mike Williams (TB), Marques Colston, Steve Johnson*

5th Round WRs: Wes Welker*, Santonio Holmes, Anquan Boldin, Brandon Marshall*, Malcolm Floyd

6th-7th Round WRs:Austin Collie, Dez Bryant, Percy Harvin, Santana Moss*, Steve Smith (CAR), Roy Williams, Chad Ochocinco, Michael Crabtree, Mike Sims-Walker

8th-9th Round WRs: Johnny Knox, Sidney Rice, Pierre Garcon, Deion Branch, Hines Ward, Steve Breaston

Late Round Selections: Steve Smith (NYG), Kenny Britt, Mario Manningham, Julio Jones, Mike Thomas, Lance Moore, Braylon Edwards, James Jones, Robert Meachem, Jerome Simpson, Mike Williams (SEA), Plaxico Burress, Davone Bess*, Louis Murphy, Earl Bennett, Danny Amendola*, A.J. Green

Sleepers: Call me crazy, but I see a nice year for Mike Sims-Walker in a weak division with a young and growing QB. I also believe in the Roy Williams comeback, a Chad Ochocinco explosion, an Earl Bennett uprising and some James Jones breakthrough in GB. Michael Crabtree may finally have a season worth remembering, too.

Some Thoughts: If you are buying a pass catcher in Oakland, make it Louis Murphy not Jacoby Ford. Don't sleep on Percy Harvin with McNabb in town, even if he isn't what he used to be, he got the ball to Moss plenty in Washington. I believe that guys who get 100+ targets are always worth owning unless you know someone knew will be taking those targets (like Sims-Walker stealing from Amendola, Williams stealing from Knox, T.O. being teamless, etc). If you think I am a homer for listing all the Chicago receivers remember this: The Bears will throw 500 or so passes, Olsen is gone, and at least two guys will get close to or in excess of 100 targets...Plenty to be worth owning. Until you know who, its worth a receiver spot to hold onto any of them. My guess is Bennett and Williams. I normally hate on rookie wide receivers, but Julio Jones will get 80+ targets this year, the Falcons paid too much to not feature him and handed him Jenkins job.

Some (more) Thoughts: A lot of fantasy drafters are emotional, which lets those who aren't get great value in the draft. Guys who "disappointed" last year by having good seasons that didn't meet expectations will be available 1-2 rounds later than they should be...In this case, I mean Larry Fitzgerald, Brandon Marshall, Chad Ochocinco, Anquan Boldin, Santonio Holmes, Wes Welker....