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Fun on a Sunday: Tweets From Football Past: '85 Bears

With this being the last weekend before we get into actual preseason games and the typical week-to-week flow of analyzing, watching, predicting, discussing, et cetera, we thought it'd be prudent to give us one last chance to sit back and have a good time before we start cursing out the offensive line or something.

Follow me below the jump for a little game...

The last couple seasons, Twitter has been at the forefront of the social networking craze. The ability to shoot off 140 characters of whatever happens to be on your mind at that particular time expanded from the computer to the little phone you take around with you every day. And as we know, those 140 characters are very good for sending off quick news updates and delivering a well-timed and sharp, biting zinger.

We know lots of NFL players, lots with humor, lots with personality, that use Twitter. And we also know the 1985 Bears were a team filled with characters and personality, meshing and clashing ideas, the Super Bowl Shuffle, and dominating football. If a team was ever built for the Twitter age, the '85 Bears were it.

So this is where you come in. If the '85 Bears could use Twitter, what would they send out? Be as humorous or as serious as you want, and if you want, you can even have them reference what they're doing these days. The catch is, the tweets have to be sent from the 1985 football season. Bonus points and maybe even a peppermint* for most creative fake Twitter username and most creative tweet!

Have fun!

* There may or may not be actual bonus points or peppermints.