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Richard Dent Inducted Into Hall of Fame

A long overdue wrong was righted (as long as we're in the solutions business here...) as Richard Dent was finally inducted into the Hall of Fame. The Colonel and MVP of Super Bowl XX was a four-time Pro Bowler and retired with the at-the-time third most career sacks with 137.5. During his induction speech, he spoke with passion, humility, and plenty of emotion.

Today, we're loaded up with all kinds of links and content for your Dent-related perusing:

- John "Moon" Mullin talks about the underdog success story of Dent, and gives Anthony Adams and Lance Briggs' reaction to the man himself. You can find the video of Dent's speech here. SB Nation Atlanta's Jason Kirk put together a partial transcript of the speech here.

- Brian Urlacher speaks about Richard Dent.

- The Chicago Sun-Times write-up can be found here. Tom Thayer had his own say on Dent, as well.

- And our own Ashley Czuba chronicled the man himself in her excellent "Taking a Look in the Bears History Book" series - you can find that read here.

And now, a few highlight videos of Mr. Dent, a well deserved addition to the Hall of Fame.

Feel free to share your memories of watching Richard Dent shred offensive lines and destroy quarterbacks in the comments.

Congratulations, Sack Man.

Richard Dent Hall-of-Fame-Bound (via ProFootballWeekly)

1985 Chicago Bears 46 Defense. (via 1985chicagobears1)

Richard Dent: The Best of the Best (via ProFootballWeekly)