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WCG Film Tourney: (4)Horse Feathers vs (5)Everybody's All-American

Classic Comedy Group. Or Dennis Quaid.

(4)Horse Feathers vs (5)Everybody's All-American

Descriptions after the jump.

Horse Feathers (1932) - The Marx brothers zany slapstick is on in full force, in this nearly 80 year old film that still feels contemporary with its commentary on college football. At the end is a scene with a garbage wagon drawn by horses that, well, you have to see to truly appreciate.

Everybody's All American (1988) - QB Gavin Grey has it all going right. He's going pro, and he's got the girl. As we follow through his life though, we find out, "The best laid plans..." and all that good stuff. With Dennis Quaid and Jessica Lange.