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WCG Exclusive Interview with Bears rookie UDFA WR Kris Adams

Kris Adams #84 of the Bears leaps to catch a pass under pressure from Ryan Jones #25 during camp.
Kris Adams #84 of the Bears leaps to catch a pass under pressure from Ryan Jones #25 during camp.

Here at Windy City Gridiron we strive to bring you a wide variety of topics.  We have our fair share of straight reporting, we have plenty of commentary pieces, we try and hit on the Xs and Os, and we occasionally snag someone to give an inside look into the Chicago Bears.  After bringing you a Q&A with Bears veteran Corey Graham yesterday, today we hit the other end of the spectrum with undrafted free agent wide receiver Kris Adams.  Adams is a bigger target at 6'3" and 195, and he played his college ball at UTEP.  Kris was nice enough to take some time after practice to email his responses to WCG.

Windy City Gridiron -  You lit up your pro day running in the 4.3 range and jumping 39.5" in the vertical, and at UTEP you had a knack for coming down with the tough catch, but with no OTA's this year due to the lockout, are you finding that you're getting ample time to showcase your skills to the coaching staff?

Kris Adams - Well I wouldn't say ample, lol.  We have a lot of guys at wide out and most are vets so I try to do my best with the reps I get.  Having to learn the offense in such short time makes it hard to line up with confidence, therefore taking away some of your ability to react when you're thinking.  But I've made plays sometimes, as well as mistakes.  Hopefully the preseason game will really give rookies a better opportunity.

WCG - A lot has been made in Chicago about the voluminous playbook that Mike Martz has, how are you adapting to his offense so far, and how is the size of his playbook compared to what you had at UTEP?

KA - UTEP's playbook had a lot of pages, but most pages contained one play.  Here there are just as many pages, if not more, but there are about eight plays filled with specifics for each play on one page.  I think I'm adapting to it well in such short time, but I still have a lot of work to do.  Besides this is supposed to be the most complicated offense in the NFL.

WCG -  Any veterans taking you under their wing?

KA - Everybody is a coach out there at some point when you need them.  Nobody is really saying, 'hey I'm going to work with you on some stuff', but I'm sure they would.  We can't forget it was a long lay off for them as well.

WCG - I read that quite a few teams were pursuing you, what made you choose to sign with the Bears?

KA - Really they were? lol  I liked the Bears from the jump because they were persistent in their efforts to get me and it made it seem as if they really needed me, rather than they do or don't.

(Kris's representation told me about six teams were after him, but the Bears were recruiting him since April until he signed)

WCG - What do you think you need to improve on to stick with the final roster?

KA - First I need to learn the playbook to the maximum capacity possible in the time we have to do it.  But I need to play lower and perfect the routes needed to play in this offense.

WCG - What do you think is your best attribute on the field?

KA - My size and my deceptive speed, I think I still can compete at this level for deep balls.


WCG - And lets hit some quickies just for fun...  Favorite football team growing up?

KA - Bears lol.  Honestly I didn't have one, all of my friends were Cowboys fans so I used to cheer for anyone they played against just to be the odd ball.

WCG - Favorite food?

KA - Ox Tails

WCG - What is the last song you listened to?

KA - Probably a Lil Wayne song or something my brother made, not sure.

WCG - What is the last movie you watched?

KA - Green Lantern.

WCG - Favorite movie of all time?

KA - The Negotiator.

WCG - Favorite TV Show?

KA - "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" was but these days its "The Game"

(I should follow up and see how his Carlton Dance is...)

Thanks again to Kris for taking some time from his busy schedule to give WCG this exclusive interview.