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Thoughts From NFL Week 1: Chicago Bears and beyond

Cam Newton #1 of the Carolina Panthers = Superstar
Cam Newton #1 of the Carolina Panthers = Superstar

With most of Week 1 in the books, I think it's safe to assume a few things.  Those that were expecting the death of the kickoff return were greatly mistaken.  And conversely, those that called it much ado about nothing must be football geniuses.  Also the Cam Newton hype machine will be chugging along full steam the rest of the year.  And I'd be remiss if I failed to mention the lack of respect the Bears still have, even after taking out what most experts called a Super Bowl contender.

1)  I know it's only one game for Carolina Panthers rookie QB sensation Cam Newton, but I may as well get in a 2nd toot...  And you'd think could find a picture for their website, this is what they have for the #1 overall draft pick;


2)  Sticking with the Panthers, I gave some bad fantasy advice to a friend.  He had to drop one wideout from his roster, and I advised him to part ways with Steve Smith (8 for 178, 2 TD).  I figured the Panther offense would rely heavily on the run and the short passing game.  Oops.  This is why you should get all your fantasy advise from Brendan Hess.

3)  As exciting as the Thursday season kickoff game was, I didn't see that much defense being played.  I fully expect the Packers to turn their defensive struggles around, but the Saints will need to outscore their opponents every week.

4)  The Houston Texans didn't miss Pro Bowler Arian Foster, 2nd year tailback Ben Tate saw his 1st action as a pro running behind the Houston zone blocking scheme and he went over a hundred yards.  Offensive lines that master that scheme can turn out a hundred yard runner with any knucklehead running the ball.

5)  The Ravens defense was frightening.  Ed Reed is an interception machine. 

6)  Good for Rex Grossman.  And even better that he and the Redskins smacked around the Giants.

7)  A fun start to Sunday Night Football.  I hope they can all be that exciting.

8)  The Philadelphia "Dream Team" looked solid, but how is it no one is looking closer at Michael Vick's bad 14 of 32 passing performance?

9)  And speaking of poor completion percentage, did anyone think Donovan McNabb would be 7 for 15 in his Viking debut?

10)  The Bears need to pay Matt Forte his money.  No point having that hang over the season.