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The Chicago Bears Are Undefeated! (Best of the in Game Thread)

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Take the quiz! Answer in the comments... Lovie is... A) Concerned B) Elated C) Angry D) Confused E) Insert your answer here

I'm going to keep using that headline for as long as I can.  Let's hope it repeats for a while.  Great game by the Bears in every way imaginable.  But you guys know that, you were there.  And so was I, and so were the comments. So join me after the jump for the best of...  Replete with the Academy Awards section.  Today someone will take a step closer to the toaster....  Oh, and be sure to scroll over the caption and take the quiz!


Mystery solved.  Or was it…..

if you looked at the flag  there was a shadow of a ufo going across it  -GtM


the wire overhead camera -Allie


yeah  it was like following the camera.. weird…  _GtM


After THE end around….Subtle yet disgusting....


Martz is getting a flaming squirrel for that poo (edit)   -Johnathan Thompson


Will it go through the endzone for a touchback?  -Spongie


I love it better without the diatribe so it stands alone…


inconcievable  i think non-americans are imaginary. just something we use as enemies in movies.  -Allie


She's back….


So everybody was a fan of the end around? -Arbusto


I know Wanda and I are...  -Maelvampyre


Are you confusing "end around" with "reach around?"  -Arbusto


Wanda’s very talented for an inflatable.  -Spongie


I missed this one but I chuckled so…


wow the budweiser clydesdales are sad  i just died a little inside. thanks advertising  -Basketball Smurf


Because it does sound good….


Chicken sandwiches and Jack Daniels instant heaven  -Gaak


Because I had the same thought but count express it as well…

If I have to track my delivery pizza on line,  I need more to do in my life.  -Cubsfansince1957


Sorry Da Hamsta, I chuckled……


I always liked Bell  -Dils


He's no Garret Wolfe  Don’t you miss the mediocrity?  -JoCro


Random and better out of context…


Smuckers  because with a name like Mangled Baby Ducks, it’s got to be good  -northernsails


For best use of vulgarity while making a relevant statement…

Word britches (edit)  Sweet goodness, the Colts are flipping' (edit) screwed this season.  -Kev H


For the old guy using the "new" terms and because (eeewww)….


Joan Collins is Hawt!  -ed_brown

Congrats on the feed and thanks from the home front…

It's the end of world AFN is actually broadcasting the Bears game here in Germany. I’m so happy I may even acknowledge my kids! -Bear Fan in Germany


I'm thinking linebacker or FS but what ev's….


Could we put Hochuli on our Oline?  -Juperee

Totally random and completely ridiculous…

Is it just me Or does does Mike Nolan look like a retired porn star? -Bear Fan in Germany


What makes you think he's retired?  -Cubfansince1957

Because it needs to be pointed out and because it makes Allie want to vomit…

Freaking (edit) hate this commercial How dare State Farm make a commercial product out of a national tragedy.  -Johnathan Thompson


After someone gave their opinion over the Hester TD (Lovie challenged (no innuendo intended)) and we get…

That is Wanda's credo  "be hard to be conclusive"  -Maelvampyre


I'm sure this isn't accurate.  But it might be ballpark close…

Lovie Smith still perfect with the challenge flag  0-102983  -TheMan1


This one takes a bit but the punch line is worth it for those of you who faithfully follow….


I proudly wore my cutty jersey to church this morning.  Despite the jeers i knew i’d receive from the Vikes fans (and even the packers—bleah).  -Juperee


Did you defecate (edit) on their doorsteps again?  -Spongie


You are recommending I single handedly depopulate the state of Minnesota?  Not sure it there’s enough Fiber One in the world to accomplish that  -Juperee


And now we come back to it…


Eventually the commercial will be the kids, singing alongside Dr. Quinn as she hands out her new jewlery.  -Arbusto


and that is when the whole "allie doesn’t drink" thing comes to a crashing end. -Allie


Banter. In reference to Shane Day.  Always with the banter….

Who is the short guy in glasses and a visor Jay always talks with? -docks


We covered this earlier. It’s Neil Patrick Harris.  -Spongie


No huh, it's Kumar  -TheMan1

Because I'm raising one…


this game is making me as giddy as a prepubescent schoolgirl at a justin bieber concert.  _GtM


No, I think it would make even less sense then….


I don't get this commercial with the poopheaded (edit) with the octopus on his shoulder.  Maybe I need drugs?-Cubfansince1957


Because no thread is complete without some serious Dilfer bashing…


dilfer time to look for a new job  -Kevin Marroquin


aside from be a jackass what’d he do?  -northernsails



Sorry SMD but it gave me a giggle…..


roy williams has a groin injury  _garyfencikrapping


Glad it wasn't his foot.  -awfullyquiet


or his pointing hand  -Docks

And this says it all...

jeebus...look how tiny Rodgers is  -northernsails


Funny, that's what his GF said.  -BigGeorgeTX


And now for your Academy Awards selections....



For the best zinger, replete with setup....

Hello Copulating (edit) Football Season!!!  -Syndor

That sounds like a terrible sport.  -Arbusto


For the best halftime commentary we have…

Maybe he(Cutler) earned JJ's(Jerry Johnson) respect when he dumped his reality star GF -Juperee

or he started using extenz  -garyfencikrapping


For overall sarcastical smartassery....

Yeah, I was sure it was a TD until Lovie challenged.  -Juperee


For the best come backer of the night....

Falcons just blow on the road  -DutchBear

Only hand-jobs at home?  -Bear Fan in Germany


For the best homoerotic observation we have....

Good lord Ryan is being sack sodomized  -Maelvampyre

Well, they are getting good penetration.  -Joe Banks

I hope they're wearing condoms.  -Bear Fan in Germany


For best use of the double entendre. I'm leaving it unedited.  But this ain't one for the kids…

Falcons got a new breath of life... so they can resume blowing us.  -Cubfansince1957






Winner winner chicken dinner!!!  And the best comment of the thread goes to...

Time to give the old lady the best 5 minutes of her life! Nothing like Victory sex!  -Bear Fan in Germany


Then, exactly ONE minute later…


I was a little off in my estimate.  2 minutes and a cig. I should probably buy her flowers.  -Bear Fan in Germany

That's them for this week folks.  Great job and the winners were Wanda, The Jay Giles Band, Cubfansince1957, Mike Martz's headset, Roy Williams magnificent groin, Juperee, everyone serving over seas, 815Sox vs PSDB and of course,  The freaking Chicago Bears.  See you next Sunday as we attempt to dispel the notion that Drew Brees is at least as good as everyone thought Matt Ryan was....  Drive safely and don't forget to tip Lord David Taylor on your way out....