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Sign-Trade-Release: Chicago Bears' Special Teams Aces


Rules: The object of this game is simple. I'll provide you with a mixture of three past or present Chicago Bears. You'll decide which one of these players (in their prime) you would sign, which one you would trade, and which one you would release.*

Jump with me to see a few of each candidate's credentials.

Robbie Gould (#09) Devin Hester (#23) Patrick Mannelly (#65)
NFL: 2005-Present NFL: 2006-Present NFL: 1998-Present
Chicago: 2005-Present Chicago: 2006-Present Chicago: 1998-Present
FG: 162 of 189 / Longest 54 yds KR: 116 att / 2,777 yds / 4TD 206 Gms / Longest Tenured Bear
PAT: 211 of 212 PR: 179 att / 2,214 yds / 10TD Video
1x Pro Bowl
1x All Pro
4th most acc FG Kicker in NFL History
3x Pro Bowl
3x All Pro
Most KR/PR TDs in NFL History
Once snapped a watermelon through a cheerio from 50 yds away, at night, in a hurricane

*You must sign one, trade one and release one.

Use the comments section to tells us your selections, and the reasonings behind them.

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