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The Bears Den: Chicago Bears- New Orleans Saints Edition

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John 'Moon' Mullin has some things to watch for during the game.

Rick Morrissey takes a look at the psychological game for Brian Urlacher.

Sean Jensen has some notes from Mike Martz on using his TEs.

The Sun-Times staffers give their picks for today's game in New Orleans.

Also, please keep an eye on our Twitter feed. At 10am ET, we've got a scheduled tweet that we are hoping all Bears fans will RT, and help us start an awesome trending topic before the game.

There were more Bears representatives at Lavoyda Lenard's funeral than expected.

The Chicago Tribune staff give their picks for the game as well.

USA Today's most recent Team Report.

Jay Cutler cracks top-10 list for PFF's most-accurate QBs in Week 1.

And finally, your pick: