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Notes, Scribbles, and Things Jotted Down: Week 2, Saints Loss Edition

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  • Some things bother me. One of them is Martz' insistence on hitting the panic button far too early. I think we saw that yesterday. First quarter playcalling - 8 passes, 7 rushes. The Bears finished with 12 rushing attempts and were leading 7-3 after the first quarter. That means from the start of the second quarter and on, the Bears had five rushing attempts, one as the first play of the second quarter, one to Forte with under six minutes in the quarter, and a Cutler scramble on 2nd and 10 in that 2-minute drill. There were 17 offensive plays, not including punts and field goals, in the second quarter with eight incompletions and three three-and-outs.
  • We wanted a 100-yard receiver? Matt Forte - 117 receiving yards. Also had as many catches as carries.
  • The game really didn't get out of hand until the third quarter - the Bears were only trailing 16-10 at the end of the half and forced a three-and-out on the Saints' first drive, closing to 16-13 with another field goal. Things started getting out of hand after Cutler was sacked for the first time and lost the fumble, with which the Saints scored on the next drive.
  • Speaking of that touchdown drive, there may or may not have been an audible "Oh [bleep]" when the Saints lined up and Robert Meachem was left uncovered in the three-wide-right set.
  • In all fairness to the Bears' offensive line and Kellen Davis, it was at the Superdome. In all fairness to the Superdome, however, it was only a matter of time before the pressure against Cutler would turn into sacks - Waaaaaaay too many early hits and pressures. And leaving Kellen Davis alone to cover a defensive end is not a good idea.
  • At one time, Cutler was sacked on three consecutive offensive snaps.
  • I understand Sam Hurd's desire to get out of bounds to stop the clock. Somehow, throwing it out of bounds as you're being tackled doesn't strike me as the best way to get that done. Just saying.
  • Second half offensive possessions: NO 0:52; CHI 1:45 FG; NO 1:19; CHI 0:39; NO 2:29 TD; CHI 2:20; NO 8:01 TD; CHI 2:21; NO 1:16; CHI 1:17; NO 1:05; CHI 1:19; NO 0:32; CHI 0:42; NO 2:46. It wasn't a good game for the Bears' defense, but if the offense could have strung together an offensive drive lasting longer than 2:30 in the whole second half, it might have helped, or at least made the game closer. Of course, though, that's also like saying "if the offensive line didn't get overrun in the second half, the Bears could have made it closer."
  • Throwing a touchdown pass with no interceptions is good. Completing 19 of 45 attempts isn't. Considering he got very little help from receivers and his offensive line (and having some time to reflect on it), I think 19 is about all we could expect, especially when the Saints were teeing off. At least twice the offensive line folded like a lawn chair.
  • Season with Carimi at RT: 5 sacks, 6 quarters. Season with Omiyale at RT: 6 sacks, 2 quarters. Something to chew on. Not to be confused with the fact that the other four offensive linemen stayed consistent from the Atlanta game. At least against Atlanta there was a pocket.
  • Speaking of injuries, the sooner Chris Harris returns, the better. Wright and Conte tripping over each other on Henderson's touchdown is not something I want to see repeated.
  • Interesting - Chicago's total yardage, 246. Matt Forte, 166.
  • Also interesting though in a bad way, sacks by Bears through Saints' interior - 0.
  • Maybe the Bears miss Roy Williams more than we thought possible. And Bennett leaving mid-game clearly hurt the passing game even more. After those two, Sanzenbacher and Sam Hurd became the two largest receivers. Sanzenbacher got his touchdown early in the first; the two combined for 4 receptions, 46 yards on ten targets.
  • Field position was actually a struggle too - and not in the way you'd think. The starting spot on the aforementioned touchdown drive was the Bears' 13 yard line - an 87 yard drive. Yet the Bears had starting field position on the first two drives of the second half were the Bears' 34 and 37, then the 39 and the 30 - the only drive in the second half that didn't start at at least the 20 was when Tillman forced Ingram to fumble, recovered at the Bears' 9. The Bears had good field position throughout the second half and nothing to show for it.
  • Third down - Bears, two for twelve. Saints, 8/17. Penalties, Bears - 6, for 47 yards. Saints, 7 for 41.
  • A shotgun was seen in this game. It was not particularly glorious.
  • Good point raised on yesterday's 670 The Score postgame by Ed O'Bradovich - Cutler may not have wanted to leave the game because of all the grilling he got after having to leave the NFCCG.
  • Gregg Williams can run a defense... A few times, Cutler was jumping to pressure that wasn't yet there.
Injuries, Earl Bennett left with a chest injury, Major Wright left with as Pam Oliver called it "some kind of head injury," and Gabe Carimi left with a knee injury.

What'd you guys notice?