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WCG Match-Up Post: Grades and Reviews for Week 2

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Well it looks like the Bears offensive line is back in 2010 mode. The Bears OL was presented, in my opinion, with its first test of the regular season, and they weren't up to the challenge. Saints DC Greg Williams completely outcoached OC Mike Martz similarly to how Giants DC Perry Fewell and Packers DC Dom Capers did last year. Martz simply couldn't get away from the 7-step drops and deep vertical routes that resulted in him leaving his starting QB and OL out to dry.

With the Bears facing another blitz happy Coordinator in Dom Capers next Sunday, it will be up to Mike Martz to put together an effective game plan that his QB and OL can be comfortable executing.

LT J' Marcus Webb Grade D-

If you're delusional like J'Marcus Webb's camera girl then you felt that Webb had a pretty awesome game, but if you were really watching the game closely you can see that Webb was mediocre at best. Saints DC Greg Williams tested the young tackles often with overloaded blitzes and both tackles struggled against the pressure that Williams was throwing at them and the only reason for me not giving Webb an F was because he did fare well in some assignments.

LG Chris Williams Grade D-

Williams was a bit late to help on some blocks, and he along with rest of the interior allowed some pressure up the middle which resulted in Jay throwing off his back foot many times. In my opinion the Bears pass protection didn't look like they were getting out powered, but was just sending more guys than the protection can handle.

C Roberto Garza Grade D-

The interior line was very poor though out the game, allowing Jay to get out of rhythm for most of the day. Garza was the main culprit as he didn't exactly win the match-up against Shaun Rodgers or Aubroyo Franklin. It was disappointing to see the interior line struggle because they were doing such a good job up until yesterday.

 RG Chris Spencer Grade D-

I might have bumped Spencer's grade up a letter if this post included run blocking, but the interior line as a whole played too poorly for me to have one person standout.

RT Gabe Carimi/ Frank Omiyale Grade INC

If there was one guy that probably would have stood out as far as grades in this post is the rookie Gabe Carimi. Unfortunately I had to give him an incomplete grade because he left the game with a sprained knee that will keep him out at 2-4 weeks. I don't know how many practice reps Frank Omiyale got leading up to the game so it would be unfair to give him a grade.