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Fantasy Football Roster Q&A

As promised, this week there is no fantasy football article - rather, a forum for you to bring your last roster preparation questions to the boards for addressing. If you haven't drafted yet, I'll field draft questions and if you have already drafted, I can help you out with identifying some ways to cover up, or fix, roster deficiencies if the draft didn't go that well.

Look for replies to start pouring in from me in the evening, as I will be at work when the post goes live...but I will respond to every question. Couple of quick reviews of best approaches:

If its a draft question, provide the relevant league information (keepers, scoring rule variations, roster variations) so I can give a full opinion. Link to the league if its publicly viewable.

If its a post-draft question, provide the relevant scoring information (PPR, etc), relevant members of your roster, link your league if its viewable, and if not provide a general list of some of what's left FA wise, or what some other people have if you are looking to hit trades.

PLEASE don't use this board for a "look how awesome my fantasy draft went" post; if you are solid, you probably don't have questions or need advise, and there is a whole fanpost spot rec'd and saved just for your bragging and roster rating...I won't do it here, and frankly, if you point out that you got 2-3 first round rated players in a 12-14 team league I will just point out how NOT competitive your league was to begin with.

Let the games begin! (next week).