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Voting continues for best sports blog in Chicago!

[Editor's note: Final day of voting... Let's make this happen!]

As you've undoubtedly seen over the last week, CBS Sports is running a poll for best sports blog in Chicago, and Windy City Gridiron is one of the nominees.  While we constantly try to provide fresh, fun, and insightful content, it is 100% thanks to our members that we would even be considered for this honor.  You guys and gals define who WCG is, and our culture comes from your contributions.

And on top of that, when we get personal endorsements from a current Chicago Bears player, you know we're kind of a big deal.  So, we've got a week left of voting... You can vote one per day, and we encourage you to do so, if you believe that WCG is the best sports blog in Chicago.  Spread the word!