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The Bears Den: September 20, 2011

"...where we prefer a more modest insult."

Defense accepts its share of the blame The Bears offense has received much of the blame for Sunday’s loss, but the defense was just as culpable. Larry Mayer's Chalk Talk

Smith says Bears will have better balanced attack Biggs: The Bears called 52 pass plays and just 11 handoffs in Sunday's loss, not the kind of balance coach Lovie Smith prefers.

Carimi has knee sprain, will miss a month Jensen: Specific details of Carimi’s injury aren’t clear, and coach Lovie Smith termed it a "knee sprain" at his news conference Monday.

The Great Wizard would like to instigate a follow of WCG on Twitter.

Film session: Cutler takes a beating Pompei: Bears quarterback sacked 6 times, hit several more.

Injuries start early for Bears, a reversal from 2010’s healthy season Potash: With Carimi out for a month after suffering a knee injury fate officially has extracted the horseshoe from the Bears’ backside.

Lovie: We will have more balance Moon: Head coach Lovie Smith thought it was a concern with the discrepancy in the number of rush to pass attempts in the Bears' loss to the Saints. On Monday, he stated that the team needed more balance. Latest Bears video

Urlacher: ‘We Got Our Butts Kicked’ Brian Urlacher had a pretty simple way to summarize what happened in New Orleans Sunday.Aikman: ‘Offensive Line Has A Chance To Be Good’

Bears Loss Feels Like Giant Deja Vu Hendricks: Bears loss remind you of anything? Mongo eats a live rattlesnake, Butt-head expresses his inner fierce cat.

Hilgenberg sees promise in Bears offensive line Isaacson: Former center actually sees promise in Bears offensive line, joins Aikman in detox. Video.

Cutler could help O-line by getting rid of ball sooner Morrissey: What happened inside the Superdome falls on the entire offense, including Cutler.

Chicago newspaper criticizes Fox Sports for using phony headlines Chase: In Sunday's editions, The Chicago Tribune criticized Fox Sports for running three fictitious newspaper headlines during the Bears' Week 1 victory over the Atlanta Falcons.

What is the impct of Collins' injury for Packers? Bowen: Tough to replace a Pro Bowl talent at FS.