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Game Ball of the Week- RB Matt Forte

It's always fun to award game balls after a win, but after getting punched in the mouth during a loss, it can seem a bit pointless.  However, when you see one single player take charge and try to put the team on his shoulders, you have to give him some recognition.

Matt Forte stated in the offseason that he wanted a pay raise, and not too many people would argue against the fact that he deserves one.  He is the perfect dual-threat running back in Mike Martz's offense, and has started off the 2011 regular season showing why he is worthy of a bump in pay.

In New Orleans, Forte seemed just fine with taking the full load on his shoulders, and was the lone bright spot of that game for the Bears offense.  He's always been shifty, and last year showed an increase in speed, but last week had an added dimension: He was dropping his shoulder and running people over.

The final score was not favorable to the Bears, but Forte's performance only added ammunition to his argument for a pay raise.  Something tells me that he'll end up getting one.  

Congrats, Mr. Forte... You get this week's Game ball.