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The Bears Lost to a Very Solid Team. Best of the In Game Thread.

Well.  We lost.  Badly.  I don't care how or why.  It happened.  And we had injuries to several key players.  All I care about now is how the team responds.  Can the coaching staff make the adjustments they need to address injuries on the line and throughout the team?  Can the players have the kind of focus and intensity they need to execute the game plan?  Will the game plan be a balanced attack based on exposing Green Bay's weaknesses?  Will we make necessary adjustments during the game?  In short, screw last week, how will we do this week?  

That's my thoughts on the game.  But even in a loss you guys maintain your sense of humor.  Hell, some of you sharpen it.  So the comments were particularly  biting this week.  As much as I didn't enjoy the game I really enjoyed the thread.  No Academy Awards in a loss but every comment will still garner consideration at the end of the year for the contest (for those who care).  Enough of my crap.  Here's the best of your crap...

Because it demonstrates both sides of Bears fandom fairly accurately….



hard to really judge a game plan  off  3 plays.  -Allie


For cereal?  This was, well, you judge…

I would love to see JP get his foot tuck in Brees' rectum (edit).  -Syndor

I think you can get speciality fetish videos of that sort of thing, but I’m not sure and I’m not about to look for it.  -Spongie

ask REX RYAN  -62GTO


For those who haven't heard, we no longer post links to illegal feeds in the in game threads.  For those who haven't, consider this exchange your public service announcement…

Go BEARS! We have no BEARS on TV here....anyone know where I can see it online?  -Maelvampyre


My twitter  -Johnathan Thompson


Don't talk about your private parts here.  -Cubfansince1957


This is just pithy….

Wonder how much Cam New ton's dad offered Carolina?  -Cubfansince1957


Because, for some unknown reason Joe Buck exudes something that begs to be hated we have….

That ought to shut those inbred loudmouths up. I’m talking about Buck and Aikman of course!  -Bear Fan in Germany



Buck Aikman sounds like a really fancy porn name.  -Red Ivan


Great zinger and best Dilfering of the Dilfer for the thread….

that is why he called the time out and bitched Say what you want about Payton, but he knows what he is doing. A schmuck doesn’t win the SB.  -815Sox


Trent Dilfer would like a word.  -Spongie


After a complaint about having to listen to Joniak on the radio we have this disturbingly amusing statement…

I muted the TV and pinched our baby ’til she screamed. Much better.  -Red Ivan


Best come backer.  Maybe ever.

COME ON! Hold them!  -Johnathan Thompson


What do you mean. The Saints have been holding on just about every play.  -FtWayneSoxFan


This is as PG 13 as I'll get.  Don't let the kids read it but…

Eat the clock out, Bears!  -Gaak

but not my sister...i don’t have a sister  -Minds_eye024


Just to make it clear I'm not taking sides but after a complaint about the nickname Breesus we get…

Let's try NOT mixing religion and football as long as possible, shall we?  -Doshi


So you don't think Tebow is the 2nd Coming?  _Gaak


Comedy of errors and a nice catch.   Literally.  Word for word…..

Damn That wad just a great by brees  -dsenchi


Throw  -dsenchi


was -RexysMidnightRider


Witty and irrelevant…

There were 4 guys around the receiver. Why the hell did no one seem interested in keeping tabs on him -frenchbears113


They all picked him on their FF team.  -Spongie


Body Odor?  -Cubfansince1957


Because this is actually a legit competition in Iowa we get…

Squirrels shall be launched  Defense I’m looking at you  -Johnathan Thompson


like punkin chunkin  -Maelvampyre



i need another shot of tequila -Maelvampyre


More wisdom….

Dear KFC,  Asking what part of the chicken is nugget, then saying you make popcorn chicken, makes me ask what part of the chicken is popcorn.  -Arbusto


Pithy quip….

i Hate Football in Doors.  -RED_BULL


which explains why they play on Fields  -BOBdaBEAR


Because I had to read it twice…..

i am wearing a bears vest and bears shorts, but would happilly watch this game nude if it meant BEARS WIN  -stepeo


Because it's just so damned clever…

ah, remember truth that goes against your team is a lie  -Allie


didn't Goebbels say that?  -Maelvampyre


Just cause….

Throw the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch!  -Johnathan Thompson


Because I think this best sums up how we all really felt….

i am nonplussed and discomfited by this turn of events  -Maelvampyre


I was thinking tackling but what evs…..

Jennings try the legs...  -tfrabotta


maybe he prefers white meat  -Maelvampyre


But really, how would you know.  He could be really nice, have a great job, donate to charity and be handsome…

Game over procreate (edit) me  -iowaBear


I've had better offers  -Allie


After Steltz entered the game and people questioned the move (insiders joke)…

who else is available  -815Sox


virginia mccaskey is suiting up  -Maelvampyre


Jonathan Thompson banged some life into her.  -Spongie


For being strangely wonderful and something I plan to use at least 5 times today…

Like my granddaddy used to say You can put dem cats in the oven but it don’t make em biscuits.  -Syndor


Nice imagery….

Devin Hester. Sweet. Scary. Like a Candy Shark.  -awfullyquiet


You guys and your joshing around….

Anyone have anything on Carimi's knee?  Bears-Cubs Bulls


probably an ice pack why?  -BOBdaBEAR


I'm not touching his knee....  -David in Maine


So much of what's funny is in the timing…

Almost a safety  -Johnathan Thompson


that's what they said about Wright  -Maelvampyre


Again with the zingers…

Poop (edit) a safety would have helped immensely on that play -dsenchi


Won't pooping (edit) a safety really hurt? Is there a colonic for that?  -Cubfansince1957


Just cause it made me chuckle…

Oh and Hester  Should NEVER EVER start again. Slot sure  -T.Moore


I always wanted him in the slot.  RED_BULL


TWSS!  -Chitownproduct


Well played…

Cutler should strike... unsafe working conditions  -Minds_Eye024


Followed by….

We'd get more yards if we punted on first down.  - Sir David Taylor


We'll finish off the evening with…

Silver lining.  Lovie didn’t lose a challenge?  -Sir David Taylor


That's them for this week folks.  This weeks winners are; Wanda, Allie, Rex Grossman, Lovie's wife, Jay Cutler's body, Minds_Eye024, Troy Jo Buckman, and Drew "Don't call me Breesus" Brees.  See ya next week folks and bring the "A" game.  We'll need it against the pack.  Remember, the Green Bay fans are welcome on our threads but dammit we're family.  Stand together with class people.  See you there.