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Chicago Bears Sackwatch 2011; Week 2 vs. New Orleans Saints

I'm glad I'm just looking at sacks and not hurries, hits, or knockdowns.  I don't have that kind of time to break down all that hot crappy garbage.  This game reminded me of the offensive o-line play and play calling from early last year.  Bears o-coordinator Mike Martz didn't do his line any favors with his pass happy game plan, he could have been a bit more balanced to slow down some of the pass rush of the Saints.

Six more sacks on Sunday brings the 2011 Sackwatch total to 11.  After 2 games in 2010 the Bears had given up a mere 5.  The pass protection is trending the wrong way, and with Gabe Carimi set to miss a few weeks it may get worse.

Sack 6 - 3rd Quarter 10:11 - Turk McBride
This 7 yard loss was a drive killing sack and strip by McBride.  The score was 16-13, with New Orleans on top at this point and this was a huge momentum swing.  Bears tight end Kellen Davis simply wasn't able to stay with McBride, especially after getting out of his stance a tick late.  I know Martz likes leaving his tight ends in to block, but in my opinion leaving them in to help (or to chip) is fine, leaving them on an island with a defensive end is dumb.  He wouldn't ask J'Marcus Webb to run a stick route and catch a pass to pick up a first down, so why expect a TE to do a tackles job.

Sack 7 - 4th Quarter 10:06 - Jonathan Casillas
On a 3rd and 15 from the New Orleans 47, Jay Cutler is dropped for a 12 yard loss by Casillas off the left edge.  Webb blocked down to help with the DT, maybe he thought Davis who was standing next to him wasn't running a pattern, but Davis released off the line and should have been Cutler's hot route.  He may not have picked up the 1st down, but it wouldn't have been a sack.  Back to the sack, when Webb squeezed down Chris Williams tried to pop out and pick up Casillas off the edge, but I don't think that was his responsibility.  Williams just tried to make a play.

Sack 8 - 4th Quarter 8:11 - Junior Galette / Sedrick Ellis
On the Bears very next offensive play after that Casillas sack, Cutler is taken down again.  Frank Omiyale was beat off the edge by Galette and it looked like Williams allowed Ellis to slip inside his block.  Cutler had no where to go.

Sack 9 - 4th Quarter 4:41 - Roman Harper
On a 3rd and 15 out of the shotgun Cutler was sacked for the 4th time on the day.  He had a split backfield, and the Bears only released 3 receivers on the play.  This was a jail break, and Cutler didn't have a chance.  It was Kellen Davis again that was in front of the defender that ended up making the sack.  Harper beat Davis as Davis failed to stay between his guy and Cutler.

Sack 10 - 4th Quarter 4:23 - Roman Harper / Malcolm Jenkins
The 4th sack of the 4th quarter was immediately after that last Harper sack.  Another disgusting double.  The Bears had trips left Cutler had pressure off both edges.  Jenkins ran past Webb then past Kahlil Bell who made a terrible effort of the pickup.  Webb showed to his left, then seemed to realize Bell was back to help, so he turned his attention inside.  Over on the right side, it was Kellen Davis that was the closest culprit to Harper.   Davis was on a guy however, so you can't really fault him.  To me it looked like the Bears should have slid protection to the right, and Davis should have fanned out to Harper.

Sack 11 - 4th Quarter 3:36 - Junior Galette
This makes it sacks given up on 3 consecutive offensive plays for the Bears.  A terrible trifecta.  If the fellas charged with protecting Cutler weren't embarrassed up to this point, this sack should have done it.  The Saints showed they were bringing a bunch, but backed out and only sent the 4 defensive linemen.  Webb, for a reason only known to Webb, ignored the defensive end to his left and Galette picked up his second sack of the day.

Sackwatchcutler_medium Upon further review the Bears gave up 5 sacks in the 4th quarter after they were trailing 30-13.  I can't really fault Mike Martz for getting so pass happy in the final quarter.  But.  The occasional draw or some no huddle offense would have helped slow down some of the pass rush from New Orleans, but hindsight is what it is. 

Jay Cutler faced constant pressure in the second half.  This game, which was close til the 3rd quarter, got real ugly late.  Cutler finished up 19 of 45 for 244 yards, one TD and a 67.3 rating. 

Sackwatch after 2 games
2010 Sacks - 5
2011 Sacks -11