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The Bears Den: September 22, 2011

"...where we may not have anything in us but the national anthem."

Martz: It's my fault, so let's move on Biggs: As Cutler wonders how much more he can take, Martz says 'blame me,' 'poor job,' 'my fault'.

Forte: Somebody doesn't believe I'm an elite RB Moon: After two weeks of play, the Bears are still struggling to find their offensive identity. Video: Bears banter on CTL

Cutler in survival mode after brutal games Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, his voice barely audible after taking a kick to his throat Sunday in New Orleans, uttered the company line on a number of topics during his press conference.

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With Carimi out, Omiyale getting look at right tackle But if start doesn't go well, look for Bears to shuffle some more. Omiyale Ready to Replace Carimi Video: With Carimi expected to be out of the lineup for the next few games, it's time for Frank Omiyale to step up and step in at right tackle.

Bears receivers need a little love McClure: Assistant says fans 'should embrace them … and they'll continue to play to best of abilities'.

Williams might give Bears’ attack a boost Roy Williams said he doesn’t have much of a history against Green Bay Packers cornerback Charles Woodson but he has had two of his most productive games against the Packers.

Reed's change of heart Haugh: After snub, he gladly has forsaken green and gold for orange and blue.

New Sod Installed At Soldier Field — Again Soldier Field has new sod. The Bears are hoping that it can last five games.

Could Martz be Cutler's downfall? Isaacson: Mike Martz is so adept at defense, he might want to consider a career switch. Video.

NFC North at night Kevin Seifert with Wednesday's practice news.

Run N' Shoot Podcast 3.0 Audio: Bowen and Bunting talk Packers-Bears, rookie QBs, Vick, plus look at some college football.

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