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NFL Week 3 Early Games Open Thread

Cam Newton has to win a game sometime. Why not against the Titans?
Cam Newton has to win a game sometime. Why not against the Titans?

Sunday ritual, you are so messed up when the Bears don't play at Noon, CST.   While we wait for the Bears to accept the Packers into their home for battle, there are some other games going on around the league. Not that we necessarily care that much about any of them, but, y'know, they are happening.

Can Cam Newton do the improbably again, and maybe even get his first NFL victory? Will Tom Brady throw the ball all over the field again, or will the Bills establish their footprint on the AFC East? Can Detroit go to Minnesota and come away 3-0? Will the Browns topple the Dolphins, without star back Peyton Hillis? Two high-powered offenses slug it out in New Orleans when the Texans head to the Saints. Will VIck have an effects from the hits he took last week?

Full slate of early games after the jump. Bears Open Thread at 4ET/3CT.  Let's get it done!

Check the 506 for coverage maps.

New England Patriots (2-0) Jacksonville Jaguars (1-1)
Buffalo Bills
(2-0) Carolina Panthers
San Francisco 49ers
(1-1) Miami Dolphins
Cincinnati Bengals
(1-1) Cleveland Browns
Detroit Lions
(2-0) Houston Texans
Minnesota Vikings
(0-2) New Orleans Saints (1-1)
New York Giants (1-1) Denver Broncos
Philadelphia Eagles
(1-1) Tennessee Titans


Any games you have a vested interest in? Tell us why below. Kev wants the Vikings to win--tough words to have to say out loud, much less public on the internet. But that's the NFL for you.