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This Feels Familiar: Packers Defeat Bears 27-17

I feel like we've seen this game before. The other team plays well to start the game, the Bears play well enough to hang with them and the score is somewhat close at half-time, then the Bears' offense starts sputtering and the other team starts pulling away, sacking the Bears' quarterback and adding a few points, and next thing you know the game is over.

Today's 27-17 defeat at the hands of the Packers had the feel of last week's Saints matchup, only with a slightly better offensive showing - it feels like the Bears are still in it, and they just fall flat. Like last week, Jay Cutler wasn't sacked until the third quarter; like last week, Dane Sanzenbacher caught an early touchdown pass; and like last week, false start and holding penalties, dropped passes and sacks marred much of the offensive production.

One big difference between this week and last week, though, was that Martz's playcalling was not the difference in the ball game. While the stat sheet shows approximately the same number of rushes as last week, they were better sprinkled throughout the game. And he did have some of his "What the fleep are you doing?" moments. But they weren't what cost the Bears the game. Execution and penalties were the primary culprits.

Quick, disappointing numbers after the jump...

Jay Cutler: 20/36, 302 yards, 2 TD, 2 INT; 3 rushes, 11 yards

Matt Forte: 9 carries, 2 yards (!!!!!); 7 receptions, 80 yards
Johnny Knox: 4 receptions, 84 yards - 9 targets
Dane Sanzenbacher: 5 receptions, 27 yards, TD
Roy Williams: 0 receptions - 4 targets

Julius Peppers, Henry Melton: 1 sack apiece

Aaron Rodger: 28/38, 297 yards, 3 TD, INT; 1 rush, 3 yards

Ryan Grant: 17 carries, 92 yards
Greg Jennings: 9 receptions, 119 yards
Jermichael Finley: 7 receptions, 85 yards, 3 TDs
Jarius Wynn: 2 sacks; Jarrett Bush: sack
Morgan Burnett: 2 INT