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Thoughts From NFL Week 3: Chicago Bears and beyond

Week three in an NFL season is still too early to panic if your favorite team is struggling, and it's too early to start making Super Bowl plans if your fav team is taking it to their opponents.  But with that being said, there are some interesting story lines that are starting to come into focus, starting with...

1)  Who would have guessed that there would be one undefeated team in the AFC after 3 weeks, and that team would be the Buffalo Bills?

2)  Tom Brady throws 4 picks in that game and his QB rating is still 113.8 on the season.  Video Game numbers indeed.

3)  If the Raiders o-line and running back Darren McFadden can keep up their good play, the Raiders will have a chance to win a lot of games.  Good to see that running the ball can still still lead to wins in the NFL.

4)  Big game by former Bears tight end Greg Olsen for Carolina.  He hauled in 7 catches for 57 yards, and caught the go ahead TD and added in the 2 point conversion.

5)  I don't think anyone expected an actual game last night between the Steelers and Colts.  Indy just needs to live and die with young Curtis Painter at QB.

6)  I was wondering how the Vikings were gonna blow that game in the second half...  Kudos to the Lions for taking advantage of their opportunities, but Minnesota laid an egg.

7)  Who's seat is hotter, Minnesota head coach Leslie Frazier or Miami head coach Tony Sparano?

8)  The Dream Team's season is turning into a nightmare.  Although I do tend to agree with Michael Vick, some of those non calls are questionable.

9)  Another reason for Bears fans to despise the Packers, two drafts ago they traded up in front of the Bears to pluck safety Morgan Burnett.

10)  In terms of sheer innovation, that Devin Hester deke return play was brilliant.  It's stuff like that that leads me to believe that Bears special teams coach Dave Toub should be a head coach some day.