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Game Ball of the Week: LB Lance Briggs

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Offseason contract disputes don't always lead to regular season distractions, and LB Lance Briggs vowed to continue playing with as much passion as he ever had, despite wanting to be traded a few weeks ago.  Ultimately, he said, he still wanted to help lead Chicago to a championship.

While expectations of a Lombardi Trophy in 2011 may have at least been temporarily suspended by most Bears fans, Lance Briggs showed up this past Sunday and did his job very well.

Briggs led the Bears defense with 14 tackles, including 10 solo, and 2 for losses.  He showed a toughness in the trenches, and good athleticism from sideline to sideline.  Briggs continues to shine in his Will position, and will hopefully continue to help the Bears LB unit remain among the best in the league.

It's no fun having to give out a game ball after a tough loss, but this week, Briggs truly deserves it.