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Our Bears Got Beat Again. Best of the In Game Thread.

Group hug!  The Packer players simply love Matt Forte!
Group hug! The Packer players simply love Matt Forte!

Well the Chicago Bears took the field on Sunday.  Some stuff happened, and we lost.  Tell you what, if the Bears staff is any judge of talent (huge leap of faith, I know, but bear with me) we played without two starting offensive linemen, a depleted receiving corps, our #2 running back on the shelf and both of our starting safeties either out or really hurt.  That's a fact Jack.  We are far from %100 .  And we played last years defending Super Bowl Champs (gag).  Our best games are ahead of us.  I really believe that.  Get healthy. Get better.  Stay patient, have faith, don't give up on hope and we'll see.  That said, Sunday really, really sucked.  But enough of my crap.  Here's the best of your crap from the In Game Threads.....


Innuendo.... So much innuendo.... insert what, and where?.....

For love of Ditka tell me when Fox is a Stockton free zone. I don’t want to miss kick off but I’d rather have (insert horrible thing here) than willingly listen to that man for more than a quarter of a second. -Allie

Take your pick. Stockton, a Spanish soccer announcer, Or an air raid siren at close range. -SJS_Illini

The innuendo continues to build....

That's not the kind of Jennings on Jennings action I was hoping for. -SJS_Illini

Because in my area they insisted on letting the Vikings and Lions ruin the start to my Bears game I wasn’t there and it makes no sense whatsoever and for best use of fellating.....

The fellating of Aaron Rodgers on a pick is insane already. -Timothy Hockemeyer

This was posted at 3:30. The man spoke a boon.....


And this little tidbit best left out of context....

Ugh, I get enough of giant fake boobs watching our guys imitating a decent offensive line. -Spongie


After someone suggested we try to score a touchdown we have this bit of truthiness...

Don't get so greedy An offensive possession that doesn’t end in swearing would be awesome. -Allie

Because it is Wanda and for the slight ewwww effect....


punting wanda with 5 seconds of hang time _Maelvampyre


I'll bet she has a surprised look on her face, too. -Timothy Hockemeyer

she is as constant as the northern star (that's from Julius Caesar by Shakespeare for you neanderthals) -Maelvampyre

Girls love some culture..and I think Wanda is not different.. -Claudio Oliveira

yep she gets as wet as October when she hears soliloquies - Maelvampyre

This goes on for a bit but the punchline’s worth it (as we’re going in for the first Bears score).....

Holy red zone batman I’m scared. -Allie

We all are, Allie.... We all are..... -David in Maine

Hold me. -Allie

Wooo Hoo! Best offer I’ve had all day! -David in Maine

Not looking Not looking...Oh for the love of God. -Allie

like the sound track from my honeymoon night -Maelvampyre

at least this one ended in me cheering rather than cowering in the corner, though, right? -Allie

well, yes true -Maelvampyre 


After the Roy Williams TD drop....

Megatron he isn't -Dills

He can transform into a gun But the barrel is pointed at the Bears’ playoff chances - gafferland


Can we bring Moose out of retirement? He’ll fill the same role, you know. -northernsails

Can't. He came to Chicago and died. _Spongie

Just cause I like it....


After some Cheesehead banter we get this random fun factoid....

A woman was once stabbed to death with a wedge of parmesan. That stuff’s hard. - Spongie

Indeed. Yes indeed....

Tillman. Willing to do anything to punch balls. -SJS_Illini

Because this answer makes more and more sense the more I read it...

How the fiddlesticks (edit) do we not cover 4 guys when we only rush 3... -Hellsedge

they aren't mathematicians -Maelvampyre

Because the thread wouldn’t be complete without a good jab at the game callers...

I think buck gets a boner when talking about the packer offense..... -CloudyFuture

that would presume he has a penis -Maelvampyre

Only WCG can provide these kinds of current literary references...

Actually field looks decent today -Bears-Cubs Bulls

aside from the dangerous things poking up through the grass, yeah its awesome. -Allie


In the future Spikes and traps will litter the field..... -CloudyFuture

Did we move into the Hunger Games without me noticing? Because that would be kinda awesome. -Allie

I'm waiting for when they have the trap doors with chained Tigers like in Gladiator -VegasCubFan

Because I threatened it and because it’s fun to mock mistakes...

Mr. Mayor, what do you think of -ChiSoxRox

Post fail. I'll go hide now -ChiSoxRox

Nice comebacker and a great wine cooler reference...

Cutler WANTS to hit Sanzenbacher. He is throwing like I play darts, however. SJS_Illini

So... Drunk on wine coolers? -gafferland

Best typo/misspelling in a long time......

Wouldn't have been a fist anyways -gafferland

let's not talk about fisting while the game is still within reach - Maelvampyre

Good call by chitownproduct....

well. chad clifton. ten penalties in 3 games against the bears. - awfullyquiet

Just think if they called all the times he actually held Peppers as well -Tfrabotta

Then his name would be Frank Omiyale -crackedcactus

When discussing what type and how Trent Dilfer can eat his excrement we get this....

How about "a bag of manure (edit) with a teaspoon"? Then he could have his pinky out. I meant the little finger. -Spongie

That is what his wife calls it -Shuggs

Sometimes when we get on a roll we just keep rolling.....

Whats the time of possesion difference? Anyone know? -Allie

Time of Pos. GB 25:38 CHI 12:50 -hellsedge

Huh Felt bigger -Allie

That's not what she said -Maelvampyre

I had written "felt like more before i saw it" -Allie

I would have written.. "keep your eyes closed then" -Maelvampyre


Referencing a game thread classic moment...

You mean Steltz hurt someone other than Peanut? -Timothy Hockemeyer

Perhaps the comment of the night...

Oh so NOW Hester fights off a CB! -frenchbears113

Most of comedy lies in the timing....

we gotta score quickly - Kevin Marroquin

I said that to my wife first time we met.. -Claudio Oliveira

That's them for this week folks.  The winners are.... Dick Stockton, David in Maine, things that stick up from the turf on Soldier Field, Wanda, Claudio Oliveira's wife, phantom holding calls, Juperee, and the injury report.  See ya next week as we take on.... somebody from some city in a national market....  I'll start caring by Thursday, or the day after that....