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Chicago Bears Sackwatch 2011; Week 3 vs. Green Bay Packers

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The silver lining in a Bears defeat at the hands of their rivals from up north is the offensive line played better.  Not great or even good, but better than the week two game in New Orleans.  Week three starting right tackle Frank Omiyale, or Gate 68 as some fans have tabbed him, didn't get wore out by the stringy haired pass rushing Clay MatthewsJ'Marcus Webb played better and with more awareness on the left side.  And tight end Kellen Davis wasn't abused this time, nor was he asked to pass block on an island as much as the Saints game.  I agree with fellow WCG writer Dominique's pass protection grade of a B- in his latest article.

The Bears gave up three sacks against the Packers on Sunday.  They also gave up three sacks in their week 3 2010 game against Green Bay.  They still lead the league in sacks allowed with 14, but they are tied with the Seattle Seahawks and only 1 ahead of the Atlanta Falcons.  They need to get the sacks under control, they're on pace to give up 74.5 sacks.  Not a good number.

The Packers didn't record a sack in the 1st half, but the 2nd half had an inauspicious start.  Coming out of the locker room to start the 3rd quarter the Bears had to feel confident and ready to get back after the Packers.  To end the half Jay Cutler and the Bears picked up a field goal running the two minute drill, and with :49 seconds left on the clock the Bears defense held Green Bay from scoring.  In fact they ended the half on a Henry Melton sack of Aaron Rodgers.  But it didn't take long for the Bears to give me a reason to write this post...  On to the Sackwatch!

Sackwatchcutler_medium Sack 12 - 3rd Quarter 14:55 Jarius Wynn
The Bears were down 1 score, 17-10, opening the 3rd, and what do ya know Mike Martz decided to open up throwing the ball.  Nothing like losing 8 yards on a sack to deflate the confidence and to swing the momentum pack to the Pack.  It was just seconds after Joe Buck praised the Bears offensive line for doing a "nice job protecting Cutler" that defensive end Jarius Wynn came untouched up the middle and dropped Jay for the sack.  Left tackle J'Marcus Webb went out to the edge rusher and left guard Chris Williams blocked down to help center Roberto Garza.  Williams may have thought that tight end Matt Spaeth was staying in to block, which would have left Webb to take Wynn, but Spaeth immediately released off the line to run his pattern.  Matt Forte wasn't even able to help out as he ran a swing route to the left.  Cutler had no chance to do anything.  Fox analyst Troy Aikman thought the mistake was on Williams, but it could have very well been on Garza for calling for the help or on Webb for not alerting Williams he was fanning out.  Bottom line, there was a communication breakdown somewhere on the left side of the Bears line.

Sack 13 - 3rd Quarter 6:21 Jarius Wynn
Wynn again?  This time he got to Cutler on a crucial 3rd down.  The Packers just kicked a field goal to go up two scores and the Bears needed to answer.  Wynn gave a hard upfield rush then dipped back underneath for the sack.  Even though Webb's guy made the sack, this was just one of those plays that happens in football.  Webb got caught up a bit on the guy that Williams was blocking.  Williams' guy went to his outside shoulder and Williams, using good technique, drove him past Cutler, but unfortunately right into Webb.  Wynn hustled back inside and chased down Cutler for the sack.  Had Webb not got caught up in the Williams block, Jay would have had plenty of time.  It happens.

Sack 14 - 4th Quarter 3:10 - Jarrett Bush
The Bears were in no huddle hurry up mode at this point in the 4th quarter, but the Packers weren't content with any prevent type defense.  They were coming after Cutler.  Green Bay brought 6 guys and Jarrett Bush picked up the sack.  But Cutler had time to throw, the Bears did a nice job initially picking up the blitz, and he had about 5 seconds before Bush got to him.  Right tackle Omiyale had Bush blocked, but when Cutler stepped up Bush disengaged and picked up the sack.  I remember watching the play live thinking Cutler was holding the ball too long.  He did, and he was sacked.  Aikman mentioned that Devin Hester was open on the deep square in,and that Jay didn't trust what he saw.  Cutler's internal clock should have told him to take off or to throw it away.  This sack is on Jay.

Cutler threw a couple picks, a couple TDs, and he went over 300 yards again.  He wasn't the sharpest he's been, but he also had a few drops that hurt his numbers.

Sackwatch after 3 games
2010 - 8
2011 - 14

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