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The Bears Den: September 30, 2011

"...where it's more fun than a bus full of strippers."

Bears prep to face dynamic rookie QB Mayer: Built like a speedy edge rusher, Carolina Panthers rookie Cam Newton may possess the most unique skill set of any quarterback the Bears will face this season. Game Preview with Thayer and Mayer

Play-calling: Audibles are not always the way to go Pompei: But several offenses have had more success than the Bears in limiting play changes at the line of scrimmage. Dan Pompei's Bears mailbag

Panic hasn’t set in yet for the Bears Jensen: The Bears acknowledged how unkind the schedule would be to open the 2011 season, facing three NFC playoff teams. But they’re 1-2, and they’re a mess.

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Mullin: Bears facing uncharted waters with Newton Question: How do you tackle a 6-foot-5, 248-pound super-athlete with a football and more speed than virtually everyone chasing him? Answer: With friends. Latest Bears video

 Brain disease could have been contributing factor in Payton behavior Haugh: Some of his erratic actions seem consistent with the effects of chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Urlacher, Briggs condemn book on Payton, praise Rivera

Martz believes in his system, but where are results to back it up? Morrissey: There’s a difference between optimism and delusion, and Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz seems to be having trouble grasping it. Harris sits out practice, status unclear

Ditka Would Spit on Payton Author When Da' Coach spits, people get wet.

Bears’ LB Briggs Keeps Causing Havoc Lance Briggs made it clear just a few weeks ago he wanted to be traded if the Chicago Bears wouldn't restructure his contract. He hasn't stopped making big statements since then. He's just delivering them on the field.

Ex-Bear Muhammed Hopes Cutler Doesn’t Suffer Rex’s Fate Jay Cutler clearly has more talent than Grossman, but former Bears wide receiver Mushin Muhammed, who played with Grossman, is worried that the pressure in Chicago might be too much for Cutler, as it was for his former quarterback.

Bears have company in drops category Wright: But interestingly, Chicago isn’t the NFL’s worst at that statistic. The Bears have plenty of company in the NFL when it comes to dropped passes.

The bus full of strippers outside Lions games might be illegal MJD: Detroit police may soon take action to shut down The Booty Lounge, a bus that shows up before Detroit Lions home games and puts the "tail" back in tailgating.

Face Melting Friday: