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Wheels on the Bus: A Look at the Bears-Panthers Connection

Last year, I created a post mocking the connection that the Chicago Bears had with a few other teams, one being the Carolina Panthers. Since then, we've seen more Panthers become Bears, more Bears become Panthers, a Panther that used to be a Bear become a Bear all over again, an ex-Bear player and coach become the Panthers Head Coach, and an ex-Panther continue to suck at the whole blocking thing. Obvious the connection has yet to be severed.

Follow the jump to see a list of players that have been both a member of the Carolina Panthers and the Chicago Bears during the Lovie Smith regime (2004+).

Player Carolina Chicago
Basanez, Brett 2006-2008 2009
Harris, Chris 2007-2009 2005-2006 | 2010-Present
Olsen, Greg 2011-Present 2007-2010
Omiyale, Frank 2007-2008 2009-Present
Oshinowo, Babatunde 2009 2007
Payne, Kevin 2011 2007-2009
Peppers, Julius 2002-2009 2010-Present
Manning, Ricky 2003-2005 2006-2007
Mitchell, Qusim 2006 2003-2005
Muhammad, Muhsin 1996-2004 | 2008-2009 2005-2007
Gaines, Michael 2004-2006 2009
Scott, Ian 2008 2003-2006
Shaw, Tim 2007 2009-2010
Walker, Darwin 2008-2009 2007
Williams, Jamar 2010-Present 2006-2010
Wesley, Dante 2002-2005 | 2007-2009 2006


Coaches Corner:

  • Panthers Head Coach, Ron Rivera spent 14 seasons with the Bears, nine as player, 5 as a coach.
  • Mike Shula, Panthers QB Coach, was the Bears Tight Ends Coach for three seasons from 1993-95.
  • Panthers Defensive Line coach, Eric Washington, was with Chicago the last 3 years.
  • Carolina's TE's coach, Pete Hoener, coached the Bears Offensive Line in 2004.
  • Scott Turner is their Offensive Quality Control Coach, and the nephew of former Bears OC Ron Turner.
  • Former Bears WR Ricky Proehl is currently the Panthers offensive consultant.