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Thoughts on the 53-Man Roster

I find it interesting the Bears are going with as many undrafted free agents as they currently have on the roster. One might think they're place-holders for when the team inevitably fills a sixth linebacker spot or adds depth elsewhere, but they really aren't in places on the roster where they might be expendable. Dane Sanzenbacher's the fifth/sixth receiver, Kyle Adams is the third tight end (and a fullback), Dom DiCicco is in the five linebackers, and Mario Addison and Nick Reed are the fourth and fifth defensive ends. Winston Venable could go thanks to the Brandon Meriweather signing, but we don't know yet for sure, since the Meriweather deal is still in the "Agreed to Terms" phase.

Keeping Will Ta'ufo'ou (which for simplicity's sake, I request the nickname UFO, or Ultimate Fullback Option) has to mean the Bears will be running with more dedication. Take a look at the three tight ends, normally the ones who would line up as that H-back/fullback type of player - Spaeth is a fine enough edge blocker/space blocker, and maybe Adams can somewhat do the lead-blocking, but UFO is an actual lead-blocking fullback.. For now at least, the Bears could be returning to the power running game inherently present in the original Coryell offense.

In the defensive backfield, with twelve players there now and only five linebackers, I have to imagine if/when a linebacker is inevitably signed, the cut comes from this area. Could be Venable, but again, I think there's something there they really like. Could be Craig Steltz, but aside from our desire to kick him out any chance we get, much to Dane's chagrin, Steltz is a very serviceable special teamer and a decent backup option in the safety rotation. So that leaves the cornerbacks, and I'd have to point to either of the Moores as being the cut option there. 

Being completely honest of course, I actually like the Addison and Reed keeps. I'm not expecting superstar numbers out of either of them, but as backups, they could both be valuable fill-ins both for their production and for keeping Peppers and Idonije fresh.

The Meriweather signing is a bit risky for me, but a good one. Steltz and Conte did get a little banged up this preseason so having a healthy Pro Bowl body back there is a good move, but the mental lapses concern me a little. After being cut by the Patriots though, I don't think the lapses will be as prevalent this year and we know Lovie and Co. don't have a problem with pulling a guy off the field, right, Zack Bowman? 

Either way, with twelve defensive backs, one will likely go when Meriweather signs, and another will probably have to go when a sixth linebacker is signed.

I'm off the soapbox for now. What do you guys see as spots to be improved, and who would you cut to get there?