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Bears Fill 8-Man Practice Squad

Today also happened to be the day players can be signed to the practice squad, and the Bears wasted no time in that. Seven of the eight spots on the practice squad have been filled with players they waived with one more reportedly filled by a Notre Dame running back... from the Buccaneers. Follow me past the jump and let's look at the Bears' practice squad...

WR Kris Adams
OT Levi Horn
OG Ricky Henry
TE Andre Smith
DT Jordan Miller
LB Patrick Trahan
S Anthony Walters [Link to Seven]

And according to Sean Jensen's Twitter, RB Armando Allen.

That's a pretty solid set to me. Kris Adams performed pretty well in preseason this year and being able to hold on to him is a Good Thing (TM). A bit surprised it's Allen instead of Robert Hughes, but then again, it's only a practice squad spot.

Anybody you would have rather seen on the practice squad?