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NFL Thoughts you can take to the bank.

It's that time of year again, where I shine up my crystal 8-ball and drop some NFL knowledge on you all.  After all, I am the personification of prognostication with my perfectly prodigious predictions.  If you care to peruse my picks from last season, click here.  On to the bidness at hand, and I'll start things off with a couple head-scratchers...

1)  QB Rating wise, Colt McCoy will be the best QB in the AFC North.

2)  And the Cleveland Browns will have a winning record.

3)  The Titans Chris Johnson will not rush for 1000 yards this season.

4)  Brett Favre will not return to the NFL.

5)  The Lions will not have a winning record.

6) The Rams will win the NFC West.

7)  Rex Ryan will guarantee a Super Bowl for the Jets and fail to make it again.

8)  The New England Patriots will win the AFC.

9)  The Bengals Marvin Lewis will finally be fired.

10)  Tim Tebow will be starting by week 8 for the Broncos.

11)  Matt Forte will set a career high in rushing yards.

12)  The Redskins will be better, not win the NFC East better, but they'll improve on their six 2010 wins.

13)  The Houston Texans will finally make the playoffs.

14)  Bernard Berrian still won't crack 1,000 yards receiving.

15)  The Bears will have a wide out top 1,000 yards receiving.

16)  The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will not match last years 10 wins.

And here's one last stone cold lock...  Bears open up 1-0.  Book it.