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WCG Film Tournament: The Final Eight Contestants

We're down to the final four match-ups of the WCG Film Tourney, We've had some great match-ups so far, and we're coming down to the wire. To let you know how interesting the tournament is, consider this: We have the following:


  • 3 #1 Seeds
  • 2 #2 Seeds
  • 2 #3 Seeds
  • 1 #4 Seeds

Come after the jump to see the final eight films, the match-ups, and a crying James Van Der Beek.

So here is what we're looking at. Varsity Blues is out of the competition. Johnny Moxon lost to The Replacements by the slimmest of margins,a measly five votes.

This upsets me greatly, but I will move on. As you can see, the Dawson is also pretty broken up about it, but such is life, and we will rebuild.

We've got some powerhouse match-ups coming, and some difficult decisions will be made over the next few days. Who's it going to be? Is your favorite gone? Tell us about it below.  

(1)Remember The Titans
(3)Friday Night Lights __________
(1)Rudy (2)Any Given Sunday
__________ __________
(3)Brian's Song (4)The Program
(1)The Waterboy
(2)The Replacements