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Bears fans, what are your game day rituals?

Season ticket holders are LUCKY!
Season ticket holders are LUCKY!

Watching a football game is a religious experience for some fans. You sit in the same Lazy-Boy, wearing the same grey sweats, and the same faded Neal Anderson caricature T-shirt every single week. Your beverage is in the same spot, on the same coaster as it is every game. The bowl of cheesy poofs is opposite the beverage, with a can of peanuts in reserve. Everyone in the house knows it's you and the TV time, and once the Bears game kicks off, it's leave... me... alone.

Other fans go big. Big party, big spread of finger foods, big cooler of beverages, with many Bears fans whooping it up, just living and dying with every play. The louder the better. I'm ok with the gameday party but only in small doses. Like maybe two or three a season.

For some the experience of a sports bar is the next best thing to being there. Dozens, with some places approaching hundreds, of fans going bananas. Random stranger high fives, dudes bonding over a beer and the Bears. For some it doesn't get any better than that.

Unless your a season ticket holder (insert Napoleon Dynamite "Lucky" here), in which case it is better than that.

Me, I'm a little wired. I DVR most games, then spend all day avoiding hearing about the score. The games I coach usually fall around noon on Sundays. If I even hear the start of the word 'Bears', I blurt out a Tourette's like "LALALALA" and cover my ears. The first thing I do when we go to the game field is tell the PA announcer that he better not give Bears updates. Last year some dumbass disregarded my request and it got ugly.

Now it's your turn Windy City Gridiron readers. What do you do on game day?