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The Bears Played the Browns and There was one Heck of a Thread...

Long title for a brief post.  This is the final posting of the preseason and the veterans of the in game thread were in fine form.  The Bears played decently too.  My final thoughts heading into this season?  Bout the same as last season.  Lots of question marks and a few exclamation points.  Like... is the offensive line ready?  Or... how about our starting receivers?  Followed by... Dang, Cutty looks sharp!  and... Finally Manu and Chester are gone!  One step forward, two steps... to the side.  I'm already looking forward to Sunday except my daughter gets her first bible at church so I'll probably miss the entire first quarter but what ya gonna do?  We'll either develop a #1 receiver (my bet is Hester) this season or really regret it this season and heads will roll (Angelo).  At least 2 rookies/UDFA's will step up and truly impress.  Briggs will play well, but be a huge distraction, Forte will simply play well.  At some point Lovie will have to address a divided locker room because of the contract issues.  Martz will revert to a pass happy coordinator during key games and frustrate us all.  Greg Olsen will shine for another team.  The in game threads will be a blast  and the Turtles were NOT a girl band Ed!!  That's what I got.  Here's your crap.....


With no context, this stands on its own…


I slept with Virginia McCaskey  I obviously care more than any of you.


Followed by this….


All I saw in this post was:  *In and out *Stickier   -Johnathan Thompson


Again, unedited says it all, except the part where serious sarcasm was involved so if he sounds like WCG's worst blogger, sorry buddy…




I LIKE BrICKS  -Spongie


Jerseys on: check  Bears magnet on garage door: check. Bears mailbox cover on for the season: check. Vikings neighbors pissed off: check.  Bear down  -Juperee


WAIT You forgot to piss on their doorstep  -Johnathan Thompson


Halftime dump.  -Spongie


Well, we're gonna have to get our drank and noms on if we're gonna get the whole hood...  cuz almost all our neighbors are Vikes fans (or worse, Packers). We live in the Twin Cities!!  We do have one other Bears family to help keep us safe. :)  -Juperee

I think this sums (many of ) us up well…


Wow, there were 142 posts before the start of the 4th preseason game. Either you guys love the Bears or you really need to get lucky! -Dr Handsome


you counted?  either you really…oh, forget it  -BOBdaBEAR

Um.  Yep.


Roy Williams would have had that.  Then he would have jumped in the stands and saved a little kid that was choking on a piece of hot dog.  -Lord David Taylor


Would his Mom let Roy pick him up?  Being dropped can be fatal…….. -Cutler6fan8


Because this is (or should be) an incredibly awkward 1st  we have…


I like Bananas.  -Cutler6fan8


apples and bananas? opples and banonos?  apeples and banaenaes? -SMD


A Raffi reference.  On WCG. Attaboy!  -Lord David Taylor


Did i just get "attaboy-ed"?  -SMD

For a salute to Chester we have…


Wow  I’m pretty sure taylor had more blockers than he got yards on that screen  -gafferland

Awesome new word just invented…


Wait that's Contridilfery..... You cant have worse Footwork than Cutler.  -Cutler6fan8




Knox looks like a tanned Voldemort  -Lord David Taylor


Do you think when the Bears are done with the giant inflatable Bears tunnel thingy (ya know, the one they run out onto the field from) that they will put it on eBay? THat would be epic for my neighborhood!My house is right at the entrance to a "closed loop" street surrounded by a park, a creek and a railway, so I could put the Bear over the road and force everyone to drive under it.(dont talk to me about the air compressor electric bill. Such details bore me) -Juperee


No, when Hanie does it it's confidence and swagger.  When Cutler does it it’s assbaggery and cockiness.  -SJS_illini

Well.  Than we have this random tidbit from Rhett and Scarlet (WCG Theater presents)… 


And I’m only half-heartedly making poo and homoerotic jokes tonight.  -Spongie


Dude, you can half-bake the homoerotic jokesbut i really think you should commit to making a poo. -Juperee


I just fixed a snack. Gimme a couple of hours.  -Spongie


But that's too late to help with the neighborhood half-time dump!Whatever shall I do? Wherever shall I go?  -Juperee


Frankly, my dear… do you have any pets?  -Spongie

For thuthiness…


Roy hasn't played a preseason game yet  -Joe the Boss

Because I promised we get this nice bit of irony….

Guys can develop, or fly under the radar. Queue "Kurt Warner bagging groceries" story.  -gafferland


I was going to correct this to "cue" but then thought perhaps you were making a reference to the queues of shoppers.  -Spongie


No. I was just wrong.  Also, I am a copy editor.  -Gafferland

Then we have a long discussion about sex with Catholics highlighted by….


Does feeling up a Catholic school girl... count as religious education? -LostinSTL


If so I should be the Pope  Sometimes even we get tired of little boys.-Johnathan Thompson


We? (Backing away from the computer slowly)  -Joe the Boss

For the second week with the engreened comment…


I hope Martz calls the end around for every play in the 2nd half.  -PSDB

Is it ok for guys to pee sitting down?  Ask Juperee.  For me the jury's out.


For the general tone of the night we have…

GODDAMNIT!I give the wife the laptop to get Foo Fighters tix and the Bears give up a TD and more importantly CHIGUY IS OUT OF JACK! WTF?  -iowaBear

Either this or "caramel"….


"Speedy"  Enderle’s new nickname  -Brendan Hess


Let's wrap it up with…


Preseason ovah….Good night every body!…..  -CloudyFuture

That's them for the preseason.  The veterans brought it tonight and showed up in force but we had quite a few rookie appearances in the threads this preseason.  Maybe we'll have a ROTY step up and win themselves a toaster.  Or maybe the veteran presence will stay on top.  Who knows?  The shadow knows….  See you all next Wednesday for the first "official"  best of the in game thread.  BEAR DOWN!!