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Behind Enemy Lines: No NFL Network!!!

I was this close to making this an open thread.  My thinking is if I were to make it such then I could vent my frustration using foul language.  But, I'm not sure if that would be within the WCG guidelines for writers.  I think it's a loophole that deserves to be explored at some point, but it's not a fight I want at this time.  So I'll censor myself, but a vivid and R-Rated imagination could get the gist of it.  I want the mother flipping NFL Network.

We have Time Warner cable, and I'm not happy.  That's the cable service that is available to us in the southeast corner of Wisconsin.  Now before you give the 'switch to a dish' line, we've had a dish, and we prefer cable.  It seems to have less interruptions to service.  But Time Warner is bad.  So bad I'll get all James Harrison on it and say if Time Warner was on fire I wouldn't even urinate on it.  The no NFL Network issue really gets my goat, but it's just one of many problems I have with them, and since I'm not writing for Consumer Reports, and this isn't really the forum to vent my anger at their lousy lack of bells and whistles, I'll focus my anger towards what ever silly nincompoop made the decision to not get a deal done between the two companies.

I'm sure it's a money issue, it's always a money issue.  But it's an issue that adds a gosh darn wrinkle in my NFL/Bears experience.  I still get Comcast Sports Net, but I like a national perspective for the NFL on occasion.  With Rich Eisen not on my TV,  I'll be forced to visit the land of Mark Schlereth and Trent Dilfer for my national fix.  Ugh...  I did find this article, so I know they at least were trying to get a deal done, but as on right now, no flim flamming deal is in place!  Son of a biscuit!