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WCG Football Film Tournament: Four Teams Left

As the movie tournament chugs along, we've got just four films left. We've had a lot of fun geting a feeling for what draws Windy City Gridiron fans, and football folks in general, to a good football movie.

We had a bit of an upset, and a few non-surprising wins in the last round. Let's go after the jump to see the final four, and look at who we will miss.

Rudy's gone. That's right, you heard me. The No.1 seed Rudy, the film that captured the plucky kid at Notre Dame, (if not so much his actual story), lost out to sentimental favorite Brian's Song, which just goes to show that nobody likes Notre Dame.

Remember The Titans pulled off it's win against my personal choice, Friday Night Lights.

 Al Pacino in Any Given Sunday shut down The Program.

Adam Sandler's The Waterboy could, indeed, do it against Keanu's The Replacements.

So here's your final match ups. Voting will continue until such time that we don't need to vote anymore. Who's going to win? Lke Captain planet says...The Power is Yours!!!

(1)Remember The Titans (2)Any Given Sunday
__________ __________
(3)Brian's Song (1)The Waterboy