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Join the WCG Pick'em & Eliminator Challenge Leagues

Need more ways to waste your time at work or ignore your family and friends? Join the Windy City Gridiron Pigskin Pick'em and Eliminator Challenge Leagues. Details and links below.

We here at Windy City Gridiron love competition almost as much as we love sarcasm and open threads (Ditka bless the open threads!), so we've added two new ways for you to prove your superiority over others. Both leagues are on the ESPN (I know, deal with it) website, are open to the public and do not require a password, however, you must have a log-in account to participant (it's free and easy to do). Both leagues are ingeniously titled "Windy City Gridiron." I'll be keeping tabs on both leagues and dropping league leaders and losers into posts, so come join the fun. Information and links to each game's frontpage are below.

The Pigskin Pick'em participants will each week choose the winners for each NFL game, with a tiebreaker of who most accurately guessed the Monday Night Football game. The group's winner for each week, at the halfway point in the season, and at the end of the regular season receive a boost of self-confidence or an even more inflated ego, whichever is more apropos for them. Tonight's game counts in the win column, so get joined up now!

The Eliminator Challenge is the true gladiator's gauntlet for any sports fan. Each week you pick the winner of one game and one game only; once you're wrong, you're out of the running. So, if I stupidly pick Atlanta to beat the Bears as my week one pick, and they (of course) lose, then I'm out. Its a simple survivor pool, but you can only pick a particular team to win once. So, if I pick the Browns to beat the Bengals, I can't choose the Browns again. Winner is the last man standing (i.e. last person making picks).

More information if you need is available on the frontpage of each game; just search for the "Windy City Gridiron" group for each game and join the fun! Winners for each game will receive a celebratory hard candy (warning: candy may have already been eaten and digested by the author) and an internet-style golf clap from yours truly. Enjoy, and as always, Bear Down responsibly.