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Fantasy Football:Lineups and Matchups Week 1

What do we do now?
What do we do now?

Happy Friday everyone! Now is the time to set your opening day lineups and get ready for football. Knowing we already had our Thurs. night game makes this a little late for some, but let's keep it realistic...If you had any of the primary stars in N.O. or GB you probably started them anyway. What to do about the rest of the weekend though?


First off, if you have any lineup questions, suggestions, fears, or other comments, hit us up below, I'd love to hear them.

Second, the best thing you can do in week 1 is....Play your draft. Unless you ended up with a cast of Questionables, Outs, and IRs (Peyton Manning, Tony Moeaki, etc.) you need to start the guys you drafted high. If you were willing to spend your top draft picks on players, you should have enough confidence to start them. Don't get clever and outsmart yourself for opening day. Not that much has changed in the last couple of weeks that you need to be going to the bench already (aside from the above Manning owners).

If you ended up with a couple of near-equal value players (Say Cutler & Flacco), go with whomever you like the matchup for better. If you are undecided, ask below.

If you did lose Manning, IR him and go get Collins, but don't commit to starting him until we see what he's got. Use your #2 on your bench already. You might want to start shopping for a trade if you, like the Colts, went Manning and then ignored the backup position.