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Thoughts From NFL Wildcard Weekend: Bears and beyond

When I saw that the Sunday afternoon playoff game on CBS was going to be the Steelers at the Broncos I thought that a huge nationwide audience would get to see their "savior", their "hero", their football "messiah", Denver QB Tim Tebow exposed against a really good NFL defense. Oops. Not only was he still able to pick up yards with his feet, not only was his zone read still effective, but he threw for over 300 yards.

The Tebow haters now have to quickly shift their arguments over to, 'the Steelers blew the game by giving Tebow time in the pocket' or my personal favorite, 'but he still sucks because he's under 50% passing'. For the record, I thought the Steelers would win big and I'm predicting a big Patriot win this week. Time will tell, or should I say Tebow Time will tell...

1) Staying with Timmy, will "TEBOW" signs start to replace the "John 3:16" signs at random sporting events?

2) I know they don't get no where near the credit they deserve, but the Bronco defense is very good.

3) Has Matt Ryan ever won a big game? I've always thought he was overrated.

4) If the Giants running game has stabilized they will give the Packers a heck of a game, and I wouldn't be surprised if they upset the defending champs.

5) I'd be willing to bet that the Detroit Lions will be drafting defensive heavy come April.

6) Staying with the Lions for one more, It's almost unfair how good Calvin Johnson is.

7) The Texans defense is playing at a high level right now. Too bad this is an offensive league, and once they run up against a team that can score, their run will end. The good news is they could beat the Ravens this weekend.

8) I know that Eric DeCosta is the heir apparent to Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome, but when is Ozzie going to step down? Is he close to retirement? Is there a bump up the organization pending for him? This is the second season that DeCosta spurned various teams advances, and at some point the competitive nature has to get the best of him and he'll want to be the "Man".

9) If there's one thing that excites me about the Mike Tice hire to run the Bears O, it's that audibles are back on the table. I understand the Martzfense in theory (there's a read for any defensive look), but fast athletic defenses could give a rip about theory.

10) I'll go college football with this last thought. I just can't get into the National Championship game or the entire Bowl season. Too many meaningless Bowl games, and just my opinion, but until there is a playoff you can't truly say who is the best.